Monday, January 22, 2018

Publishing Truth About The Pueblo

Recently, Donald Trump "handed out fake news awards" as he and his henchmen
tried to push censorship back into the mainstream media. They, those disgraceful
harbingers of Republican lies to come...threw punches at the likes of the
Washington Post, the New York Times and CNN.

It was another example of our government turning on its people. And they did it in front of
our enemies in North Korea. When the "awards" were announced I thought that Donald Trump
and his minions couldn't have provided a better piece of propaganda for Kim Jung Un to use.

In other words, Trump's activity wasn't amusing in the least. On the contrary, it was damaging
and disgraceful. Every family knows that you resolve conflicts "in house"...not on a street
corner. You air your dirty laundry in the backyard...not in the center of town for everyone to

I am bringing this up for a reason. Here it is:

I read a story this morning that was written by James Griffiths. The information that he
provided is compelling and powerful. The story revolves around the seizure of the USS
spy ship, Pueblo on January 23, 1968.  The ship was overtaken by North Korea and 83
Americans went through hell after that. One man died.

I was only 13 years old when that story broke. But I remember the media's reaction to what
happened then. Mr. Griffiths report brought all of those memories back to our Nation.

There is a lesson to be learned here. And it is one that should be heeded: Never cut down
what you will later wish to defend. The media, be it local, county, State or National is
something that we depend on. Serve it and we will decide what is real and what is rubbish.
That option, with the least amount of government interference, is one of the great reasons
for living in this Country.

My blog includes the following words in the masthead: "The Truth Is In Here." I have
included those words for a reason: Besides freedom...the truth is all we have. Our Country
depends on both.

Mr. Griffiths wrote a very good article. The subject matter bears consideration now. Its
message echoing from 1968 to this Sunday morning in 2018. War is bottom line serious
and when it happens...human beings suffer. And the men who were marched off the
USS Pueblo suffered in a very cruel way. It's a wonder of God's Grace that any of those
men survived.

So why am I bringing this all up now?

Because the story that James Griffiths wrote, which was edited by Steve George with
added graphics by Natalie now on a popular media website. That news
organization is also on Donald Trump's "fake news" list...



When I published the above post, I didn't know about what almost happened at CNN. I read
the story about it today on THE HILL website. This is what I posted in the comment section:

Trump initiated the scenario when he started his whole "fake news" thing.  Trump shared
images that suggested violence towards journalists and news organizations...especially CNN.
Trump never considered that a deranged individual might pick up on that and really try to
make it happen. Then a man from Michigan crossed the line.

Had the screwball not called and announced himself beforehand...he might have killed
innocent people...either inside or outside of the building.

I believe that it is high time that Trump stops mouthing off about what is fake and reminds
himself that weapons and bullets are real. He has the Secret Service. What do the working
Americans at CNN have next to that?

If  Trump really loves this Country then he should NEVER suggest an act of domestic

Look now at the amount of shares for this story  (as of this writing, the article has over 8,000
shares). Look at the amount of comments. Then look at your own conscience and apply
some common sense. I'm still waiting for Trump to do that. We're lucky that this incident
didn't turn into a horrible bloodbath. It's time for the American people to get a grip, even if
Donald Trump refuses to do so.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Tom Kawczynski: Hater Not A Mainer

Off in a quiet little corner of New England America...a man named Tom Kawczynski, the Town
Manager of Jackman, Maine designed a flag. The flag is actually a standard for Mr. Kawczynski's
narcissism, misogyny and bigotry.

I discovered the "New Albion" idea by chance today...ironically tucked next to a group of  news
stories about the "Women's March" on MSN's news page. When I looked at Tom Kawczynski's
photograph, I thought: "There stands New England's version of a choir boy meets creepy guy."

(Conjuring distant vibes of Stephen King.)

And Kawczynski thinks he's so unique.

Richard Butler tried to draw in his own type of "community" years ago in the name of the
Aryan Nation. Over a period of time, he goose-stepped his garbage through the Pacific
Northwest. From his haven near Hayden Lake, Idaho...Butler plotted and planned...until he and
his minions went a few steps too far.

I visited that compound near Hayden Lake early in this decade. I stayed overnight there. To this
day, I carry a memory of being ordered to wipe my feet on a flag emblazoned with the Star of
David before walking into their so-called church building. I also remember being locked in a
motor home overnight and not allowed to come out until a few of Butler's goons released me
the next morning.

And now, Tom Kawczynski is trying to build his own group on the same principle: "White
people (the "right" White people, of course) are meant to live in their own area. They are to
remain separate from non-White, foreign-born and/or Left Wing political riffraff."
Mr. Kawczynski actually believes that Caucasians are too homogenized with non-Whites
in the United States
and would be better off separating a few more degrees.

Well, isn't that just special?

Fox News claims that Kawczynski was a "Town Chair" in 2016 during the Trump campaign
in New Hampshire. Yeah, he's just a chip off a bigger rock, our Mr. K. And he's beginning to
prove that he is just as big of a butthole as Donald Trump is.

On Kawczynski's website, he encourages people to communicate via a social media site
called GAB. On GAB's Terms Of Service page the use of pornography (written out just that
way) is allowed with only a few cursory restrictions. GAB is NOT an extension of Facebook!

In reference to the "Women's March", Kawczynski's stated that: "It's no accident that most
feminists are unattractive."

It is more than obvious why he admires Donald Trump.

I am hoping that Jackman, Maine has the presence of mind to fire Tom Kawczynski...or
better still...just keep him away from the rest of us.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Justice May Finally Come For Jessica

                                QUINTON TELLIS

Jessica Chambers was set on fire and literally burned alive on the night of December
6, 2014 in Courtland, Mississippi. She died the next day.

Her case earned National attention. And after a lengthy investigation, a man named
Quinton Tellis was charged with Jessica's murder. Tellis was tried but left in limbo
because the jury couldn't reach a verdict. So the judge declared a mistrial.

Tellis has a whole lot of bad behind him. Including the charge of stabbing another
young woman to death and then using her credit card. Tellis has been charged but
not convicted of killing the other woman. He has yet to go to trial for that crime.

But Quinton Tellis will be returning to court for the killing of Jessica Chambers. And
this time,I sincerely hope that the charge sticks. In my opinion, his conviction for that crime
is long overdue.

The new trial is set to begin on June 11, 2018. Maybe this time around, the State of
Mississippi will finally grant Justice to Jessica. It's about time for a jury to do the right