Monday, October 16, 2017



                                             PHOTOS/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

The lease is signed and my new address is official. I have a two bedroom, standalone bungalow 
on a corner in a regular residential area. There are no welfare lines, no gang tags, no crack 
houses and the microwave on the counter in my kitchen is brand new.

The living room is still
waiting for a desk and chair...which will come. But right now the comfy love seat will suffice.

Several workers appeared this morning and installed the WIFI. They ran a loop around from the
basement up through the roof and installed a gizmo dish up there. And when they turned the 
router personal signal lit up on the connection list. There it was...mine...all freaking 

"Welcome Home, Ruthie" I whispered and tears of happiness filled my eyes as I clicked on my
own name and went online.

I belong now. I totally belong. Hello Nebraska. I'm yours now. Yeehaw.

I have a pumpkin on the porch and a doorbell that really rings. No one lives here but me. My 
neighbors live in their own houses. Happiness is having my own. Finally.

This isn't subsidized section crap housing. No. I have private landlords who really care about
me. I can fart at midnight, play music at 3am and have a private conversation on my phone 
whenever I want to. Emphasis on the word PRIVATE.

I have a little bed in the corner of the bedroom with a lamp, too. The other room down the
hall is going to be something...but I am not sure what, yet.

The bathroom has a tub with a nice handheld. And believe it or not, I was in that tub at
6am this morning. There is something really cool about staying in the bubbles until the sun
comes up.

I'm thinking of making a big pot of chili tomorrow. Life is this land of green grass
and tall trees and falling colored is very good.

I am looking forward to paying my rent and getting samples in my mailbox and riding around
town in the local transit bus.

And this Winter, I will work on editing my blog. I will also take some of the courses that
Google has offered for free. I would like to become certified in several areas and the
Google Knows courses will allow me to do that.

It's all onward and upward from here. In this small town city in Nebraska...the road will
stop at my front door.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

For The Good Of The Whole

This photograph isn't the best quality by any means. I even ran it through the editing software
and this is the clearest image that I could come up with. Nevertheless, I like the picture and the
friend of mine who appears in it with me.

She picked me up when I was hitchhiking in Northern Idaho last June. And we established an
instant connection.

And as she drove...we didn't whine about which one of us is the real First Lady...or trot out a
White-faced hockey choir to sing about our wrong agenda...nope...not on that day.

We just laughed and visited and stopped to take photos of a beautiful waterfall. The sky was
as blue as a the eyes of a Siamese cat. Leaves on the trees glistened in a shade between emeralds
and Ireland. And an entire color spectrum of flowers danced in the early Summer grass.

We didn't shake our fists or rage about anything making headlines that day. No, we just celebrated
how fortunate we both were to be alive. We cranked up the radio and sang along with
whatever played. We smiled into the Sun as it gently warmed our faces.

Looking at the photograph, I am reminded that there is still room in my life for another
good day. Maybe more than one day.

When you have the chance to eat pork and beans out of a can with a fork...while sitting on a
rock...and admire a butterfly as it flits between black-eyed Susan' a silvery mountain
stream...thank God for that gift. Savor it. Then tuck it into a back pocket in your memory...
and bring it out again when the frost starts climbing up every window in February.

There are too many fools out there that are hell bent on beating their own chest lately. One of the loudest ones likes to deliver a sharp whack to a little ball and calls it relaxation. He hits and shoves and plays the bully to the rest of the human race.

He prides himself in using force. But he is not a team player. He will never contribute for
the good of the whole. And he has no respect for those that do.

And if he ever reads this...I doubt that he will recognize my perfect description of him.

I am aware of another man who played baseball for many years. He forged friendships
and maintained those bonds through some very tough times. He earned and gave respect
with honest sincerity.

As far as I know...he still does.

That man is an attitude apart from the other guy. I look forward to listening to him every

I don't know if he tweets. But then again, I don't think that he has to.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Bad Blue Line



UPDATE SEPTEMBER 16: A new story has just been posted on the 
Salt Lake Tribune website. PLEASE READ IT.

NOTE TO MY READERS: The video message (above) and the following post
were created before I heard about the disgraceful incident in Utah.

I don't believe that it's a coincidence. The problem of cop bullying is out of 
control across this Country now. The cops that I dealt with detained and 
transported me against my will. I was peacefully eating my dinner at a table
in a public place where I had obtained permission to sit. 

The nurse who protected the rights of her patient was peacefully going about
her duties when a sick asshole (there are no longer any decent words to
describe him) disguised as an officer attacked the nurse. He never even
read the woman her rights. Not on camera. Watch for yourself:

“Unless the investigations turn up something that is not now apparent, it seems clear that Payne should already have lost his job, and that his certification to be a law enforcement officer should be permanently revoked,” the board wrote Friday. “The fact that he was removed from the roll of officers who are allowed to take blood samples, but not placed on leave until the matter became public and a criminal investigation launched, can only serve to undermine public confidence in the whole department.”--Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board--Excerpt from article by Washington Post.






There he stood...vest, badge and gun.

I threw down my plastic knife
with a clatter and glared.

A clueless fool walked up to the other side of me and announced himself... I detected youthful arrogance
and a lisp when he spoke.

He started telling me what they planned to do with me that night. I thought, "Bugger off, you snotnosed
misogynist" and stabbed another chunk of chicken salad with my fork.

I had just sat down to enjoy my dinner. Their interruption pissed me off.

"What right do you have to come buffaloing up on me like this while I am enjoying my meal?"

"Stop raising your voice at us" said snotnose.

I dropped my voice down to its Jack Nicholson psycho level and hissed "this isn't my big voice,

They stared at me.

"THIS IS!!" I shouted and then continued, pounding my finger on the table for emphasis.

"I finally get a chance to eat and you come around here trying to roust me out!" "What for?!" I
demanded to know.

"You cannot stay here at Casey's because it closes at midnight." County Mounty explained.

"So??" I asked.

"The management here doesn't want you hanging around the parking lot tonight after hours."

"Then I will roll my wheeler to the nearest sidewalk and sit there all night." I said.

"That will be considered loitering." piped in snotnose.

The two cops harassed me for no reason, interrupted my dinner, put me in their rig and then
transported me to another community. After I stepped out of the vehicle again, a lanky cop
from the next County informed me that he was there to transport me even further.

"So if you want to ride with me, you better drop the attitude or you can just stay right here."
said the new cop.

I looked at the new cop and smiled.

Then I turned around and wheeled myself and my attitude across the parking lot to a nearby
truck stop. I spoke to the employees there and they kindly allowed me to finish my dinner and rest in a corner booth inside the store for the remainder of the night.

I consider myself very blessed that I am no longer on the wrong side of The Bad Blue Line.