Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Thomas Kolding Is Home Again

                                PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER


I was offline for hours and didn't realize until late tonight that Thomas had
been found. When I checked the media list to see if there were any updates
about Thomas Kolding, I had to look at the headline twice before I
comprehended what I read. Then I smiled...I'm still smiling.

Nicolai, Your message to Thomas is so compelling. Your
words are a beautiful message to your son. I hope that you save that
video for a long time to come.

I like happy endings and I love bright beginnings. Now you'll have a
chance to experience both.

Many missing person cases don't turn out like this one did. That's a very
sad fact of life. But this time, God granted Thomas and his family a

Thomas Kolding is someone special. In the years to come, I hope he
shows everyone exactly what that means.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Thomas Kolding: Think Beyond Yourself

Sometimes some words just need to be said. Now is the time to say them.

Private Message From Redwood Falls

Oh Danny Boy..."Coming from a little town in Minnesota."

The first time I heard this version yesterday I laughed and laughed.

I'm so happy to be here!

Keep those pipes warm this winter. You'll need the music again in the

Monday, November 05, 2018

The Call From Redwood Falls--Part One


When I boarded the bus in Miles City, Montana for the short ride to Dickinson, North Dakota I
never thought that I would end up right where I belong.

But I'm here.

I hitchhiked from Dickinson to where I am now: Redwood Falls, Minnesota.

I left an old, dirty and over-priced mess behind. The studio that I rented in Miles City cost me
$480 every month. Halfway through my rental period there, both the puny kitchenette sink
and the old bathtub backed up.

I didn't have a separate bedroom and now that I do, I sure enjoy the
pleasure of not sleeping in the living space. I have clean, modern appliances and a nice sized
sink in my kitchen. I also have a real counter with a microwave on one side and a K-cup
coffee maker on the other.

This apartment features a new air conditioner (which I'm sure I will appreciate next Summer)
and a hardwood floor in the kitchen-living space area. I have an upholstered rocker, my own
WiFi, very nice pictures in lovely wood frames that I'll have hung up soon. I also have a
perfectly-sized wood table and two matching boutique metal chairs with suede cushions.

There is a very large window in the living space and it features a third-floor view of the
gazebo (we have our own), the bench swing, the lamp posts, the trees and the lake. I love
the view! I have enjoyed some intense sunsets from that window. I also love to watch the
wild birds and hawks and soaring bald eagles. It's a natural panorama.

The people here have helped me acquire some nice knickknacks and of course, the pictures.
Every week I add one more thing to my new home.

I have a blow-up mattress for my bed right now. But I have nice bedding, blankets and a
new copper pillow (no "My Pillow" for me! Not after I found out the truth about the owner
of that company!) that allow me to sleep comfortably.

My bedroom has a tall window, a closet and carpeting.

The bathroom is spacious with a large sink, two-option super flush (it really is!) toilet and
a fiberglass shower.

This building suffered a fatal fire during the winter of 2013. But the building was remodeled
in 2017 and celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in October of that year.

My apartment has been updated and is worth the $220 per month that I pay for it now.

Here are some photos of my apartment:


                                BAD RUTHIE! I DIDN'T MAKE MY BED!

                                THE COMMON LOUNGE AREA ON MY FLOOR


                                VIEW FROM MY BEDROOM WINDOW

                                VIEW FROM MY LIVING SPACE WINDOW

                                VIEW FROM MY ROCKER CHAIR LATE IN THE DAY

                                VIEW FROM WINDOW INCLUDING MY GLASS DUCK

                                DAYTIME VIEW OF GAZEBO, GROUNDS, LAKE
Now you may be asking: How did I get here?

That I will discuss in part two of this post.