Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Bad Blue Line


UPDATE SEPTEMBER 16: A new story has just been posted on the 
Salt Lake Tribune website. PLEASE READ IT.

NOTE TO MY READERS: The video message (above) and the following post
were created before I heard about the disgraceful incident in Utah.

I don't believe that it's a coincidence. The problem of cop bullying is out of 
control across this Country now. The cops that I dealt with detained and 
transported me against my will. I was peacefully eating my dinner at a table
in a public place where I had obtained permission to sit. 

The nurse who protected the rights of her patient was peacefully going about
her duties when a sick asshole (there are no longer any decent words to
describe him) disguised as an officer attacked the nurse. He never even
read the woman her rights. Not on camera. Watch for yourself:

“Unless the investigations turn up something that is not now apparent, it seems clear that Payne should already have lost his job, and that his certification to be a law enforcement officer should be permanently revoked,” the board wrote Friday. “The fact that he was removed from the roll of officers who are allowed to take blood samples, but not placed on leave until the matter became public and a criminal investigation launched, can only serve to undermine public confidence in the whole department.”--Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board--Excerpt from article by Washington Post.






There he stood...vest, badge and gun.

I threw down my plastic knife
with a clatter and glared.

A clueless fool walked up to the other side of me and announced himself... I detected youthful arrogance
and a lisp when he spoke.

He started telling me what they planned to do with me that night. I thought, "Bugger off, you snotnosed
misogynist" and stabbed another chunk of chicken salad with my fork.

I had just sat down to enjoy my dinner. Their interruption pissed me off.

"What right do you have to come buffaloing up on me like this while I am enjoying my meal?"

"Stop raising your voice at us" said snotnose.

I dropped my voice down to its Jack Nicholson psycho level and hissed "this isn't my big voice,

They stared at me.

"THIS IS!!" I shouted and then continued, pounding my finger on the table for emphasis.

"I finally get a chance to eat and you come around here trying to roust me out!" "What for?!" I
demanded to know.

"You cannot stay here at Casey's because it closes at midnight." County Mounty explained.

"So??" I asked.

"The management here doesn't want you hanging around the parking lot tonight after hours."

"Then I will roll my wheeler to the nearest sidewalk and sit there all night." I said.

"That will be considered loitering." piped in snotnose.

The two cops harassed me for no reason, interrupted my dinner, put me in their rig and then
transported me to another community. After I stepped out of the vehicle again, a lanky cop
from the next County informed me that he was there to transport me even further.

"So if you want to ride with me, you better drop the attitude or you can just stay right here."
said the new cop.

I looked at the new cop and smiled.

Then I turned around and wheeled myself and my attitude across the parking lot to a nearby
truck stop. I spoke to the employees there and they kindly allowed me to finish my dinner and rest in a corner booth inside the store for the remainder of the night.

I consider myself very blessed that I am no longer on the wrong side of The Bad Blue Line.

Friday, September 08, 2017

A Curse And Florida's Fate

                                          PHOTOS/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

It's almost as if the recent solar eclipse left us with a very bad vibe.

Hurricanes, floods, wildfires and earthquakes are wreaking havoc in this part of the
world right now.

Never mind Fat Boy Kim...Mother Nature is now kicking our butts.

I understand that people in Sarasota County, Florida are evacuating now. And I can't
help but think back to when I was in that area...and treated like dirt...

I was just another homeless woman occupying space according to law enforcement
and some local people in the city of Sarasota. I was hassled when I fell asleep on a
bench swing at a park in the middle of the day. I was maligned when I used the
public computers at the local library. And I was viewed as one more open hand by
the Salvation Army.

The only real friend that I ended up with while I was there was Sarasota's newspaper,
The Sarasota Herald-Tribune. That media source ran several stories in my defense.

Yet, there was so much money and free-wheeling snobbery in that city back then
that I was ultimately let down in a very tough way.

When I finally left Florida, I did so with a whispered vow that someday that part
of the State would be brought to its knees. I cursed it. That might sound cold but I
was really bashed with a hater bat while I lived in Sarasota County.

We will see how everything unwinds in Florida over the next few days. Oh my goodness,
what will become of Marina Jack's, St. Armand's Circle and Lido Beach?

How about all of those posh condos that were occupied by cranky curmudgeons?

What will happen to the people who looked down from their balconies (literally and
figuratively) and sneered at those of us who had very little compared to them?

Today I am happily sequestered in a hotel in the peaceful albeit boring State of
Iowa. I am enjoying a pleasant, sunny day while I watch The Weather Channel and type
this out. In fact, it's so quiet here right now that I can almost hear the corn stalks
growing in the fields.

I will celebrate my birthday on Sunday...and fortunately this year it won't be in Florida.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Peace On The Prairie

                                PHOTO CREDIT: POPSUGAR

"If white supremacists march into our towns armed to the teeth and with the intent to harm people, they are not engaging in activity protected by the United States Constitution. The First Amendment should never be used as a shield or sword to justify violence."-- American Civil Liberties Union of California.

We're waiting for the solar eclipse out here in the land of "Liberal or Let It Go." Many communities are gearing up for a population explosion...which I am already beginning to see. Fuel trucks began running in pairs a few days ago. Now there is a seemingly endless line of vehicles by the gas pumps at this truck stop near Salem, Oregon.

Last night, the French Prairie rest area south of Wilsonville was PACKED. But, when I woke up in
the middle of the night last night ( I camped-out at a covered and well-lit picnic table) I was amazed by what I saw. Every parking spot in the entire rest area was taken. It looked like a big used car lot.
But what surprised me the most was the silence that covered every inch of the place.

I stood up and looked around...doing a slow pan from the back tree line to the line of big trucks on
the other side. Silence. The only real sound came from the sporadic traffic on the nearby Interstate.

Yes, there was absolute peace on the prairie last night.

And that is as it should be...all of the time and everywhere.

But now, grown adults plan to throw their brains into the garbage soon.. All I can say is
they better not bring it to Oregon!

See, last night I saw the real Ladies and Gentlemen. They said "excuse me", "Hi, how ya doin?" smiled, were good to their kids, smoked away from everyone else, picked-up after their puppies and held the door for me.

No one waved a banner, nobody screamed words of hate and nobody hurt anybody else. No one died
at that rest area last night. And yet, the entire area was filled with people. I highly doubt that all of those people practice the same religion or are of the same political persuasion.

Yes, there was absolute peace on the prairie last night.

But I truly believe that if some fool would have come in beating a bad drum last night...he probably
would have been booted to the other side of the freeway.

We didn't need dissention in the ranks last night...we needed STFU and that is exactly what we got.

Now people from all over the Country are gathering here in Oregon. But we aren't coming together
to tear anything apart. We are uniting to watch our planet's grand connection with the sun. And I hope
that when it finally happens, every individual that watches that miracle also has an epiphany of conscience.

I feel like the solar eclipse is a message from God. I believe that God wants us to join together in
peace again. A sincere solidarity of souls.

There really is no White Might Right. That is just mortal stupidity in action. The real wisdom will
be written by the sky...this coming Monday.

Come On Up For The Rising

                                Me in the Mexican restaurant where I recently stayed