Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Pass On Peace

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                                PICMONKEY SOFTWARE

A candle is burning on the table and sending a blend of caramel swirl, blackberry pie and spiced 
eggnog into the air. That candle and James Taylor playing through Amazon is sending me into a 
serene place tonight.

I am so blessed to live in this neighborhood.

I have a live plant now. The person who brought it to me said that it "needs a little more TLC." 
I think that extends beyond vegetation to the people in this Country.

I'm fed up with the slaughter. The Evil Dark One is fighting hard right now. It doesn't want 
anyone to appreciate a baby's simple babble or the gentle smile on an aging person's face or the 
first Christmas decorations on a shelf at the Dollar General store or the sacred value of 
innocent life. It wants us to see beauty and go blind.

It definitely doesn't want anyone to recognize the perfect existence of God.

But God does exist...and every Christmas He sends angels to many people everywhere. He's not
the Great Pumpkin and He's not Santa Claus. He is the Ultimate Provider of Grace and Mercy. 
Each of us relates to our Higher Power differently. But I know that if we sincerely reach out to 
God...He hears us.

No bullet or knife or bomb will destroy all of Humanity. No, because I know that God isn't 
connected to each mortal body but to every soul. And unless every one of the souls on the Earth
rejects God in favor of evil...Humanity will survive.

A person could blow up and burn and tear down every house of worship in the United States and
God wouldn't perish with it. Oh no. I know that because I met an angel in a hospital one night
in Portland, Oregon. And I saw God when I stood among the Rocky Mountains near Leadville,

I've met God while sitting on a guard rail by a rural road in West Virginia and been visited by 
an angel in the middle of the night at a Pilot truck stop. Yes, I have.

Some horrible events have taken place lately but they've only transpired because the Evil Dark 
One wants us to disconnect from God. But the more that the Evil Dark One waves its flag of hate
the tighter I hold onto the hand of God.

Christmas is coming. I invite you to share it with glitter on Twitter and bind it up with ribbons 
of  kindness on Facebook. Be a silver bell of encouragement and a sincere sender of laughter.
Hand out the best of yourself this Christmas. 

Pass On Peace.*

Sunday, November 05, 2017

He Should've Never Been Born

"I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born
and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it. "--Mark Twain. This quote
appeared on Kelley's Facebook page.


I believe that it is time for all of us to find ways to defend ourselves in the event of
an attack by an active shooter. It has come to the point where every public gathering
place is a potential target. Forewarned Is Forearmed. Learn what to do now so that
you and those that you care about are better prepared for a possible showdown.

There are many good videos on YouTube. The one that I have included here is just
a suggestion.

Work with your Community, church, school, workplace or social organization and
learn how to be a survivor instead of a victim.

Make it a point to get educated. It might end up being one of the best decisions that
you will ever make. Do it for yourself and for those who matter in your life.


Of course, Kelley stated that he didn't fear death. Because he honestly was more afraid
of life.

So what made him do something that has surely been condemned by God Himself?

Devin Patrick Kelley sounds like such a nice, gentle Irish name. Devin means "poet."

But Kelley was obviously a man filled with anger, steeped in denial and miserable in
his own skin. He was Court Martialed and received a "Bad Conduct" discharge from the
Air Force in 2012. And even though he volunteered as a Bible school teacher,
Devin Kelley was caught in the grip of demons. And those minions hid their hideous
intentions just below the surface of  Kelley's spiritual fa├žade. And they just waited for
the "right" moment to break free.

Kelley must have known all about the mass murder in Nevada and the recent church
shooting in Tennessee. He took his cues from both of those tragedies and planned his
own massacre accordingly.

He dressed in standard "Columbine Shooter" black and armed himself with a bullet-
proof vest and a Ruger AR assault-type rifle. He arrived at the church building all
dressed-up to kill...literally.

From what I understand now, Devin Kelley shot at everyone including a pregnant
woman and a five-year-old child. He was aiming for a high number of casualties and
that is what he got. And then someone confronted him and Kelley ran.

I'm sure that by that time, Kelley knew that he had no place left to go...but Hell. And
in the end, he probably ended up there.

What a cowardly, selfish waste of a human being. He should have never been born.

So now I, like many other people am wondering: Where is the next murderer of the
masses going to strike?

May I see a show of hands?


God help us.

Why didn't Devin Patrick Kelley just walk into that church building, sit down in a
pew and talk to God?

Friday, November 03, 2017

Strength, Spirit And Spine


Violence is ugly.

Recently, a man felt comfortable enough to casually walk into a Walmart store and
and shoot innocent strangers. That proves that our Country is in trouble.

And considering how much wide open traveling I did across this Country over the's a miracle that I got through it unscathed. Oh yes, I have still have lingering
health problems but I never got caught in any crossfire.

So I feel duty-bound to focus attention on the shootings and attacks that are happening
around the Country now. And it is a plain fact that the recent spate of violence is
something that America should be ashamed of.

I am not going to align myself with the NRA but I am not going to vote against it either.

I was raised around guns and my Father was a cop so I am obviously comfortable around
weapons. However, I abhor selfish, cowardly whiners with messed-up agendas. When
somebody chooses to use a gun or a vehicle or some other object to injure/kill
innocent people...I believe a powerful response is appropriate.
The NYPD officer who shot the so-called "terrorist" in the abdomen after that monster
injured and killed people the other, in my opinion, absolutely justified.

Life exists as it does because our species is meant to coexist in peace. We are here to
support each other instead of trying to find "reasons" to take lives.

ISIS is populated by animals. They are broken machines on a mission to destroy every
God-blessed soul around them. They lack the strength, spirit and spine to bless anyone.
To be a blessing takes work. Love doesn't always come cheap or easy. But with faith,
teamwork and a sincere effort...We The People will perpetuate a sense of joy and peace
of mind. And we will rise above the fear of more dead bodies on our streets.

If that is, in fact, what the majority of United States citizens really want.

I am including this Travis Tritt song again. He is a member of the Republican Party and
a staunch supporter of the NRA.

I am not. But I think that his song should be played a little more often.

Do you?