Friday, January 04, 2019

And My Issues Are Easy

I watched a documentary about singer/songwriter Bill Withers  on Tubi TV this morning.
I love his attitude toward life! His story is a strong shove toward a smile.

So now I'm smiling.

The sun is out and the snow is glistening on the frozen lake. It looks pretty from three
floors up.

Amazon music is serenading my mood that has been happy since I took my first hot,
award-winning sip of coffee this morning. My rent is paid, my apartment is cleaned
up (sort of) and I feel like a rich woman today!

I'm going to do some drawing this weekend and talk trash with my compatriots on

2019...and my wishes are easy...

My hope is to enjoy a couple of Twins games, visit Blue Earth again and check-out
one other area in Minnesota this Summer.

I recently found out about the second place. It is unique in the whole Country
for several significant reasons. Can you guess where it is?

Until then I am going to be very grateful for my awesome manager, my friendly
neighbors, the kind bus drivers and my home.

Last night the sunset was stunning!

As the sun descended in the sky its color spread out in red, yellow, orange and gold.
It looked like the other side of the lake was on fire. I sat in my upholstered rocker
and watched it shimmer and shine until it was gone.

I know that I have some significant health issues. And I know that the doctor
that I will eventually see is probably going to give me some news that I don't want to
hear. I should be receiving some serious medical attention now. But I am going to
hold out a little bit longer before I finally walk into the hard truth.

This is another best time of my life. So this survivor will embrace the incredible
experiences that I hope that I get to enjoy this year.

And like I typed out in the very first post in this blog back in December of 2004:

Here It Comes!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Snow Is Coming Back

                                            PHOTOS/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

I planned to go out and take a batch of photos and record a video message but the
temperature took a radical nosedive. And it's going to do it again.

Winter is everywhere!

I might just go out this afternoon and try to get some photos. Or I might walk outside,
feel a frozen shiver run down my back, turn around and wheel myself back inside...

Private Message

                                TREE PHOTO/EDITS/DESIGN BY RUTH RADER 

PRIVATE MESSAGE: Sitting right there. She went crazy on that phone, texting like her life 
depended on it. I played the casual observer. I almost burst out laughing but I am as good of
an actress as you might think I'm not.
I am not a one-dimensional window. I am a prism...walk in and you might get 
lost among the crystalline panes. 
But your roar is mighty, Oh Witte Tijger. Still.


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

And The Storm Will Come in, Updated

                      with PicMonkey software

The weather changed drastically this evening. Right now the snow is blowing at twice the
volume and velocity since I filmed the video clip below. Ladies and Gentleman...I am now
in the middle of a blizzard.
The tree limbs are swaying so hard that they sound like angry drums beating out a rhythm
to the storm.
What was not in the forecast is now unleashing itself over little Redwood Falls. The
barometric pressure is noticeably low and the wind is high. Yeah, it sure is.
But the most noteworthy part of this weather is the fact that the storm behind this onslaught
is in a mighty, ever-growing mass of more of the same thing.
I am receiving my wish. Wow!

The storm blew through here last night, furious and fast and now it is raining. *Laugh*
And in these last days of this waning year, I keep thinking that if I knew a year ago
what I know now...I would be flabbergasted!

Never in my wildest dreams.

So I have learned that life is filled with minute I was flicking my windchime
outside a rental house in Nebraska, then I was sleeping in an old van in Yellowstone Park,
then I was swatting too many flies in Montana, then I was thumbing a ride in the cold wind
in North Dakota, then I was riding out an early snowstorm at a Visitor Center in northern
Minnesota and then I woke up here.

I said it before and I'll say it again: People watch reality shows because they have never
lived like I have.

Like Bruce Springsteen sang..."Come on up for the rising."

Be who you really want to be.

I am looking forward to 2019. Find Out What Celebrating Life Means In 2019!

From my third-floor vantage point ( I will never be able to live at ground level again) I can
see a line of vehicles crossing the bridge that spans the lake. I am in love with the big
window that faces my fantastic view. I haven't lived at this height since I rented the cracker
box (room with a bathroom) in Portland, Oregon back in 2004.

That's of course where this blog was born. I lived up on the sixth floor there but my view
there was nothing like the one that I enjoy now.

This is the land of huge trees where acrobatic squirrels run, hang and jump across sprawling
limbs. The lake (when it isn't frozen over and covered with snow) glitters in the sun. Birds
with large wingspans hover and arc in the wind while deer with fluffy white tails chew on
feeder fare in the evening.

I am now in Minnesota, Baby! Redwood Falls is a rural, natural playground.

Christmas happens everywhere. Ed Snowden and his partner Lindsay Mills sent out a
Christmas card recently.

The photo is both unique and whimsical. I love it.

Lindsay can travel. But Ed can't come home.

Some people here call Edward Snowden a traitor who should be hanged. I see him as
a good man who could really make people in this Country think. Right now we are stuck
with a terrible mistake known as Donald Trump. What we should have is Ed and

Sometimes life is totally unfair.

I hope that Trump is "re-routed" while Ed and Lindsay find a closer connection to the
United States in the coming year.