Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Guess What?

I have a big announcement to make soon.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Somewhere Down The Road

                                PHOTOS/VIDEO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER


I suppose you want to know what I'm up to. You could just ask me but that would make too
much sense, now wouldn't it?

You think if you gather enough information through a third-party that you'll find out all that
you need to know.

No, you won't.

I think it's funny. In a sad sort of way.

I am well aware of your inquiries, just so YOU know. And I enjoy telling a few people
something and then turning around and telling a few more people something else.

So figure it out, genius. You're the one with all of the wisdom, right?

A kind couple at a rest area near New Salem, North Dakota put me in their fancy rig
and dropped me off at the Visitor's Center in Moorhead, Minnesota. That run moved
me forward 239 miles. Nice ride.

When I arrived at the Center, storm warnings were being posted for that entire area.
I had the feeling that something fierce was on its way in and I didn't have much
money to use toward food.

So I contacted a friend back in Miles City, Montana who ordered a pizza for me
and it was delivered to the Center. When I stepped outside to get the pizza from the
delivery person I noticed that the wind was picking up.

The next morning the storm blew in with a wild fury. The snow flew
sideways across the park while the wind howled. So naturally I bundled-up and
walked out into the storm with the intention of getting a ride south on Interstate 94.

That didn't happen.

After an hour, I faced defeat and returned to the Center. By that time, I was cold,
chilled and half-frozen.

The folks at the Center gave me mugs of hot coffee, big pumpkin spice muffins,
sandwiches, soda, potato chips and tart red apples. Then a man brought me a
sleeping bag and a plump pillow with a navy blue slip over it. They opened up a
storage room and told me that I could stay there for the rest of the day and
overnight, too.

So I did.

Today the man who loaned me the pillow and the sleeping bag, drove me down
to where I am now. I am spending the night in this hotel and then I will put my
thumb back out tomorrow morning.

Somewhere down the road, my new home awaits. I just know it. *Smile*


Monday, October 08, 2018

Just Gone

                                            A FAST PHOTO OF ME AT THE LIBRARY
                                            IN DICKINSON, NORTH DAKOTA

I am gone. Some people know that now. Some are just finding out. Gone.

I left on a Jefferson Lines bus last night, crunching on gas station Asian snack
food and chasing it down with a bottle of Seagram's ginger ale.

We rode down a dark and almost empty Interstate highway. Our driver barely
got to use his low beams.

Now I am ready to go find what I should already have: Decent housing with a
reasonable and affordable price tag.

I'm going to leave here soon. My belly is empty and so is my billfold. There's
snow in the forecast and I have no definite guarantees of anything.

But I am fed up with the way I was being treated in Montana and so I have
moved on. Now I am heading east.

I will do my best to provide updates.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Blade Of Division

                                PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

There are some problems in life that Alexa just can't help us with. One of those situations is
between Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh. What a blade of division they have gutted us with. And the wound is still bleeding ...

People have expected me to take a side on this. But I believe that no matter what I think, the truth will stand on its own.  If it doesn't...then our Nation will have hell to pay.

On the infamous day of the hearing, when Dr. Ford admitted to being "terrified" but was never tongue-tied...and Judge Kavanaugh gave us all a one-man performance of manic depression...I sat back and just rolled my eyes.

"Let's all be adults here, okay?" I said to the flat screen and took another straw sip of my San Pellegrino.

The so-called "chairman" Senator Chuck Grassley ran herd over the proceedings with the voice and
demeanor of a rusted cheese grater. Five minutes after he started rasping and stumbling over his
words, I wanted to change the channel. But when I did, his face popped up again...and again...and
again. According to one report, over 20 million people tuned into the hearing (I bet the number is  much higher than that) either because they cared or because so many channels carried it.

By the time Judge Kavanaugh began to rant, I wished that someone would just lock him in a room
with Dr. Ford until they came to some sort of mutual agreement. Yeah, Dr. Ford and
Judge Kavanaugh sitting in a room with an armed guard, a small table, two chairs, a hot pot of
coffee and two big mugs (no beer allowed).

Work It Out, Already!

We the People are caught right in the middle of this fiasco. Federal this and Supreme that are
supposed to be making decisions for our own good. But when the camera moves in for a close
shot...the majority of us can't even agree if we like what we see.

On the top of this bullshit mound of madness sits not-president Donald Trump. He manufactures
enough crap on his own to keep that mound moving ever higher. And he supports
Judge Kavanaugh,
which is the first reason why I decided that I don't like the self-proclaimed Judge "boofer."

So now do I believe that Judge Kavanaugh forced Dr. Ford into a position that she didn't want
to be in?


Do I feel that Judge Kavanaugh reacted to the accusations made against him in a manner
befitting a Supreme Court judge?


Hell, Charlie Sheen kept his cool far better when he had HIS bipolar meltdown in front of the
entire modern human race!

So will Judge Kavanaugh take his place on the Supreme Court?


But for the rest of his life, Judge Kavanaugh will be known as a spineless, corrupt,
Trump-loving, liar.

His robe will never hide that truth.

Thanks for nothing, Judge Kavanaugh.

Thank you for standing up for your sisters, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Unlike the Judge,
you did your best to walk into the middle of the road and lead by example.

That is something that Judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh will never do.