Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fuh You!

The Mighty Pen Of Truth

                      PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

They're unique but all connected...over 300 members of the media...taking a stand today
against Donald Trump's condemnation. They will not be maneuvered, they will not 
knuckle-under and they will never be silenced.

Trump might want to turn their lights out but it won't happen. The media 
on the Boston Globe master list will continue to seek out the truth and report it...ALL 

Reputable media outlets like CNN, Washington Post and the New York Times will 
continue to deliver what needs to be said. Trump will never coerce them into doing 

Somewhere along the line, Trump decided that he would put his hand into the media's
pocket and manage it...article for article, video for video and word for word. And if a 
particular news outlet didn't cooperate...then Trump declared it to be fake and 
infested with liars.

He condemned many media outlets and labeled them as "the enemy of America."
The problem is that when Trump said that...he pointed the mirror the wrong way.

Trump doesn't realize that people in this Country are capable of standing up, closing 
ranks and separating truth from fiction. They will set things right. 

We are the United States of America...we do that here.

And we don't need a fool like Donald John Trump to grant us permission. 

Every publication, every television channel, every radio station, every video, every 
photograph, every social media website and every blog...will do its part to discover, 
broadcast and share the truth about Trump. 

Until that vile individual has nowhere left to hide. 

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

The Star And The Stones

Three news stories have captured my attention over the past few weeks:

1.) The Hollywood Walk of Fame star belonging to POTUS Donald Trump that's
      now smashed to smithereens in California.

2.) The abrupt exit of CNN reporter Jim Acosta from a White House briefing
      held by Sarah (SUCKSabee) Sanders in Washington DC.

3.)  And the mysterious early morning drop-off of plastic bags filled with
      Klu Klux Klan literature and candy bars in Upstate New York.

All of these stories illustrate the fact that something very bad is once again
taking hold in this Country.

Trump's star was vandalized because he's elicited a powerful fury among the
American people. The hatred for Trump and his supporters is driving itself,
like a sledgehammer, into the conscience of the people in these Unraveling
States in America. If the disconnection continues, the very spirit of our Country
will end up crushed and broken.

The far-right, Evangelical Christian, conservative, Republican citizens are
wrecking this Country. And the star pictured above symbolizes what is going to
happen throughout our Nation unless human decency and common sense
intervene. Soon.

Jim Acosta had every right to ask the questions that he did during that
now-infamous White House press briefing. Sarah SUCKSabee Sanders had
the responsibility to answer his questions. And if either she or Trump
think that We The People are believing every word that the White House is
handing damning documents...they're deluded.

I will be 63 years old next month and I have been following the ongoing
operation between the United States Government and the media for a very
long time. No one in the Trump regime or in the camera lens at Fox News
or into an AM radio microphone in the middle of the night is fooling me.

No raving preacher or hate-filled, camo-clad group sitting on their
four-wheelers is going to convince me that their wrong should be my right.

Nor will Sarah SUCKSabee matter how hard she scowls.

I am disgusted by Trump's attitude toward the media in this Country. And
I am outraged by how he condemns the Press when they refuse to be a
shield he can hide behind or a rug that he can crawl underneath
when he wants (needs) to.

The Ku Klux Klan is the worst band of psycho social deviates this side of
Salinas Valley state prison. The fact that this population of domestic
terrorists continues to exist in our Country is a National disgrace. And now
this shadowy menace is trying to recruit young members by offering them
Snickers bars in exchange for their souls.

I sincerely hope that no young person in New York takes the bait.

The candy will just rot teeth...the philosophy will destroy lives. I'm telling you
the truth.


I bet's truth scares the Kandy Klan.

We need to come back together in love and peace in our USA.

We've seen enough destruction for one lifetime.

Do you agree?

Ruthie On The Road--Update


I hitchhiked from Hastings, Nebraska to Custer City, South Dakota before turning back south
to Fort Collins, Colorado. Then I headed west to Dinosaur, Colorado and traveled north
through Yellowstone Park to the State of Montana. I am now living in Miles City on the
eastern side of the State. I will stay here until next Spring.

I am living in a studio apartment with my own private WiFi, cable signal on a flat screen TV,
a large refrigerator, an 1100-watt microwave oven and a small coffee maker. This residence
costs a king's
ransom but I will be able to survive here throughout the Winter.

Another heat wave is set to arrive this weekend. We aren't
getting any rain and haven't received any measurable precipitation for over a month. It is very
dry here. The dust swirls with the flies in the hot afternoon wind.

I am dreaming of Autumn now: Yellow leaves, pumpkins and hot cider in an old mug. Listening
to Simon & Garfunkel on Amazon music while sleet slashes against the windowpane. I never
had a conventional TV set-up in I am looking forward to watching old movies on
something larger than my laptop's 17-inch screen.

And I have a friend who lives close by. She is a neighbor and we talk all of the time. That
never happened once while I was in Neligh. I have even gone to more than one church
service here in Miles City.

So I have transitioned from hitchhiking down the road to obtaining a new picture ID at the
local DMV.

And now that plate of fried pickles and that cold bottle of Pig's Ass beer is just a nice

I shivered to my bones one night while high in the mountains near Rustic, Colorado. And
then I got a new sunburn as I sat by the side of a rural road in Harlowton, Montana.

Now I am going to take it easy for awhile. Yay, me!