Monday, July 25, 2016

Will My Country Have A Future?

                                BACKGROUND PRISM PHOTO/ADDITIONAL EDITS
                                BY RUTH RADER

(I originally posted the following comment on a media website)
What a mess. The shenanigans at these two conventions is starting to make me feel like a vulnerable citizen in the middle of a poitical divorce. I mean, where's Jerry Springer with his infamous bell?

I believe that both Trump and Clinton should be ashamed of themselves. I really do.

You know who I wish that I could vote for?

Someone who really gives an honest darn about the survival and success of this Country. Someone who has no secret bones rattling in a closet. Someone who lives to brighten the corner where they are. Someone who doesn't have an arsenal of bad agendas. Someone who believes that kindness matters and mean people suck. Someone who doesn't hang their leadership ability on vile insults and/or how many endorsements they can trot out on a convention stage in one afternoon.

I feel sorry for my Country now because there doesn't seem to be a mature, decent or strong American left in the presidential candidate wings. At the end of the day, there are just more and more wrongway headlines. What a mess. (Sigh...shaking my head). Geez.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pokemon For President

VOTE 411

Nobody for President. That is my mantra now. No One...No Madam...No Sir. No Him and
no Her.

I watched Donald Trump make an egotistical, arrogant, loud-mouthed ass of himself. I followed
the shenanigans in his camp during the convention. And I've decided that I want no part of it.

Mister Trump...or...excuse me...HIS HIGHNESS SIR TRUMP...will NEVER be my voice. First of
all because I can and do speak for myself, thank you very much. Secondly, I believe that the
only sizeable wall that should be built in this Country should be around HIM.

Donald Trump has no business being my Country's Commander-In-Chief. That's the truth.

Any guy who spends half a speech running down his opponent instead of clearly explaining
how he's going to keep all of his promises to the American people...isn't fit to take one step
through the White House gates.

Any guy who posts "TRUMP" instead of  "AMERICA" in huge letters behind him when he
stands on stage...isn't worth my attention...or my vote.

Trump is a marketing monster. But this election isn't about selling's all about
saving this Country. Yes, it is.

And now it's the Democrat's turn. God help us.

Yesterday I watched Hillary Clinton deliver an opening speech to a crowd in Miami, Florida.
She was obviously non-threatening in a baby blue pantsuit as she threw political clichés
out to the crowd. But we don't need a candidate in cozy mode...we need a president with some
intelligent punch!

We need someone that's ready and able to put a strong ax into the grind. We don't need big
promises or tall letters. We need someone who will work with a team and link the word
"comprehensive" to the words "change" and "common sense."

And as the internal friction develops and increases in the Clinton doesn't take one
email or a thousand to recognize that...Hillary's camp won't bring any more unity to this
divided Country than Trump's will.

The vice presidential candidates are even worse: Mike Pence is obviously nothing more than
Donald Trump's adoring lapdog. And Hillary's running mate, Tim Kaine is just plain goofy!
Neither man is qualified to take the helm if a crisis arises. Think about it.

So I am voting for NOBODY in the guise of a Pokémon. Yes, I am. If you find the right one,
please let me know. It looks something like this:

Yeah. Go catch him, America. Find him soon. PLEASE!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jerika's Dance Into Heaven


My following comment was originally posted this morning on a media website:

Jerika... I read about you this morning from out here in Oregon. And I understand why you want to dance down the free path to Heaven. I applaud your wise and courageous decision to go home to God.

Honey, if you are ready then be at peace and dance your last dance here. And when you cross over, know that all of His loving mercy...will be there to meet you. Yes, He will.

I know God, too. He has made Himself known to me so many times in my own life. I often tell those who ask me if I believe in God that yes, I do...because He believes in me. I have some amazing stories about how God has revealed Himself to me and I bet that you have some amazing stories, too.

Honey...if you are ready...then dance...twirl...pirouette...and release yourself to the very essence of your soul's existence. Embrace the music...Jerika...for surely your song is not is only just beginning.