Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Michael Stoops Continues Silence/Tina Talks

When I read the "Broken Halo" article about Michael Stoops in the Willamette Week, I did everything I could to contact Michael.

I sent email, I called from here in Portland, Oregon to Washington DC [twice] and left voicemail messages with both Michael Stoops and Donald Whitehead. I even sat down and handwrote a letter [something that I rarely do] and sent it by snailmail to the National Coalition for the Homeless office.

No one there ever responded.

Tina told me that when the original article was released in 1987, she wasn't surprised. She said that two people that she knew on a professional basis had told her about Michael Stoop's indiscretions years before the WW investigation.

She believed them then and believes them now. She told me that she has no reason to doubt the validity of what they told her.

She said that if it happened today, Stoops would most likely be facing a hotter firestorm than he did back then.

She believes that today the suspicions surrounding Michael Stoops activities would result in a serious criminal investigation.

She further states that the public wouldn't stand for it. At all.

Chuck Chambers, who works as a private investigator [in Florida] and worked on the Carlie Brucia murder case, told me that a pedophile is a pedophile for life.

So did Michael Stoops somehow manage to slip through the judicial noose a guilty man?

Did he turn his back on the vulnerable people that he exploited?

Tina Frost insisted that Michael Stoops leave the Portland provider-system altogether after the sheet hit the fan blades.

I asked her if she would do it again if it happened today.

She said "yes" without a second of hesitation.

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