Monday, December 20, 2004

Michael Stoops Is Silent/Tina's Talking

It took a while, but Tina Frost finally contacted me last night and we had a good conversation on the phone. She comes across as a very smart and kind lady. I'm sure she is.

Tina did work alongside the provider-system here in Portland, Oregon when the situation involving Michael Stoops first became public.

The Willamette Week did a "Where Are They Now?" series recently and Michael Stoops was one of the people featured. When I read the article [you can access it by clicking on the post headline above] I was shocked. Michael Stoops now works as Director of Community Organizing for the National Coalition for the Homeless! His office is in Washington DC.

I have known Michael Stoops for many years. And I had no knowledge of what happened here in Portland back in the late 80's. But Tina Frost remembers the entire scenario very well.

Back in the late 80's the WW ran an article that brought forth allegations that Michael Stoops was having sex with minor boys. Stoops, who was managing a drop in center/shelter for homeless youth was called on the carpet for allegedly getting boys drunk and having sex with them in his hotel room.

Stoops denied it. An attorney named Don Marmaduke compiled a report that damned Michael.
The provider-system "imploded" as Tina Frost put it and the people of Portland went ballistic.

No formal charges were ever filed. BUT!!! In a phone call to me, Don Marmaduke told me that he stands by his report. In other words, Marmaduke believes that Michael did do it. So, as a matter of fact, does Tina Frost.

UPDATE: Michael Stoops has not made any effort, to this date (May 27, 2012) to discuss this matter with me or answer any of my questions. He is still  aligned (according to the N.C.H. website) with the National Coalition for the Homeless.

I have been to many homeless shelters across the Country since I last updated this blog in 2008. And none of those shelters has received any significant assistance, of any kind, from either Michael Stoops or the N.C.H.


Anonymous said...

I was a volunteer RN at the homeless clinic and know the charges against mike were instigated by a former,disgruntled
dr. And an old town business man who didn't want B.J's moving into "old town" the charges were mostly false and closed down a much needed facility and ruined the reputation of a good man

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Oh yeah?

That post was put up on my blog years ago. And now, in 2012, you suddenly decide to post a comment to me?

Uhhh...not gonna buy it. Nope.

Tina was very clear when she spoke with me on the phone, that day. She didn't miss a beat and she made her point.

And now you are sending me this message? What a crock of hooey!

You say that "the charges were mostly false." Exactly what does "mostly false" mean?

Come off it! I am aware that people have been checking-out my post for the past year. I see it on my tracker.

So quit with your balderdash, Anonymous. Mike Stoops is a pervert and Portland, Oregon has a long memory.

Anonymous said...

In 2012 and 2013 several of us homeless were being harassed and exploited by a different homeless advocate. The harassment got so bad I considered suicide. We did not know what to do so we did the logical thing and contacted the National Homeless Coalition and sent Mr Stoops our documents. But he would not get involved. yet hours later the NHC tweeted their praise of the person several of us homeless were complaining about. This weekend the two met up and took pictures with each other praising each others work. Mr Stoops wants nothing to do with homeless issues but seems to prey on homeless. We could not figure out why Stoops ignored our fears and yet this blog explains a lot.

blucaller said...

I was astonished to see Mike Stoops pic and a story abt him on Think Progress about homelessness today so I googled him to make sure it was the same guy I met and briefly lived with in 1974.
We lived in a fairly non-judgmental collective on the Duluth MN Central Hillside, and he stayed there while doing some of his early "activism" work. This was before he took up homelessness as a cause, and I remember him burning his draft card on steps of City Hall, over a year after the draft had ended.
A couple of us at the house were gay men living in an inhospitable city and age and I was organizing a gay counseling service.
At least 2 of the guys there were very attracted to Mike, but it soon became clear he had no interest an anyone close to his own age.
I personally confronted him with what I saw as exploitation, and was angry he would use our little understood or supported fledgling movement for acceptance and civil rights to justify his messed up attractions.
I remember his flat affectation and defense citing historical adult/adolescent love with such ppl as Whitman and great philosophers.
Mike imperiled our work with his reckless predatory behavior with vulnerable teens he culled from the local YMCA and drop in centers, and we kicked him out.

There were never any legal actions taken against him in Duluth, to my knowledge, and he drifted toward warmer climates soon after.

Ruth Rader said...

blucaller...Thank you for your information. Please provide more if you feel comfortable doing so. I would also appreciate hearing from anyone else who knew Michael Stoops back then.

I have left a post about this in my blog today.