Monday, January 10, 2005

A Blind Of Bullshit

A comment was posted on my blog today and I posted a comment back. I have decided to post my response here, too:

How pathetic!

Tiberius...or whomever you are...your comments are just, plain pathetic.

What if it was one of your sisters or brothers or a very close friend who was killed over there?

What if you were working to help the survivors over there?

Would you still say that the blog is "just a bad joke"???

I'll tell you what the joke is: Google's Terms of Service. Google's invisible abuse policy.

What a freaking crock!

"Freedom of speech" doesn't mean that a blog like that should be allowed to exist. No it doesn't.

Because the individual that created that blog didn't poke fun in any way, shape or form at himself. And I don't think the phrases that he uses in that blog would ever be considered "joking" if I repeated them:

In the offices of Mercy Corps
The American Red Cross
Every other organization that is helping in South Asia right now
In front of the families who's loved ones have died as a result of the tragedy
In Congress
In the Senate
To President Bush
In front of the decent people that I know right here in Oregon

Ohhh no!

Sir, if you want to yank the blind down in an attempt to hide the truth of this matter:

You're going to have to pull a lot harder than you have!!!


Phil said...
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Ruthie In The Sky said...

I don't consider racial bigotry, insulting the living and disrespecting the dead to be something that I have to "live with."

Hell NO!!!

And the other examples that you brought up have nothing to do with this situation.

The people in those other examples waved [and some still do] a banner of enlightenment and emancipation. They didn't degrade the victims of a natural disaster nor did they condemn those who are helping over in Sumatra and elsewhere now.

We're talking bad apples and good oranges here, Tiberius.

Everyone has the ability to be an ass. Everyone also has the ability to be a decent human being.

And here's where I draw the line, Tiberius:


That's what the tsunami blogger is doing.

And that's where freedom of expression ends and the REAL infringement begins.

Putting the "right" of the tsunami blogger ahead of the rights of hundreds of thousands of suffering individuals is WRONG!

Furthermore, keeping the gate open for that blogger to toss his hate at the survivors and those who are working to help over there is REALLY, REALLY WRONG!!

A three-year-old who throws a tantrum in Wal-Mart because mommy won't buy him a toy can wail for an hour about it.

Should he be free to do it?


Mommy should swat him on the hind end and firmly remind him that his behavior is unacceptable.

Mommy doesn't want to hear his tantrum and nobody else does, either.

She should teach him to take the proper, alternative route.


And if that three-year-old is going to develop into a well-balanced adult, then he's going to have to learn the above-mentioned truth. Or he won't make the cut.

And he'll end up just like the tsunami blogger: A hate-filled, screwed-up idiot in print.

Google knows that. And it knew it right from the start. Google had its lawyers establish Terms Of Service. Now Google has turned its back on its own responsiblity. And has left it to the rest of us to contend with.

Instead of standing behind its constraints, Google caved.

And there is NOTHING "liberating" about that...nothing at all.