Monday, January 24, 2005

Brett Part Three

Today I live in the sky in Portland, Oregon.

I still struggle but I have a nice place to sleep at night.

Rainbow lights twinkle as I listen to internet radio and type this to the world.

Brett has moved on, too. He is affiliated with the Associated Press.

The other day he left the following comment on this blog:

["Ruth, is that really you? The same ruth rader who appeared in the sarasota herald-tribune a few years ago in the story "virtually homeless"? If so, glad to see you are doing well enough to have a web page.

If it's not you, well, sorry about this....

formerly of the sarasota herald-tribune..."]

I called Brett tonight. I think he was shocked when he realized that it was me on the other end of the line.

I tried to tell myself that Brett meant well when he wrote that story in Florida. But the truth is that he didn't.

And in the middle of my short phone conversation I said: "Brett, I want you to always be as honest as you can when you write. I would like you to remember that."

I don't think he realized why I made that request.

But I realize why I have a computer and why Brett left his comment on this blog.

Karma...Thy name is: Ruthie In The Sky!


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