Monday, January 24, 2005

Brett Part Two

After the interview I tried to get back in the shelter. The staff allowed me to stay that night. And they made it clear that I would have to leave the next morning.

I did.

The next evening, dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers, I sat out on the same pier again.

Brett and Dwayne came by.

We talked, they shot some video and then they left.

I wanted to find a solution for the shelter situation in Sarasota. I wanted every woman to have a safe place to sleep at night. I wanted to establish myself in Sarasota.

None of that happened.

I dropped a full-color drawing off at the Herald-Tribune that illustrated my point.

When the article was published, Dwayne included the drawing with it.

But Brett didn't write what I wanted him to. Instead he focused on the fact that I used a computer free of charge in the public library. He paid more attention to THAT aspect of my daily life in Sarasota than he did anything else.

As a result, the situation facing women on the streets of Sarasota was all but ignored. Brett made sure that nobody in Sarasota gave a damn.


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