Saturday, January 08, 2005

Contact Google

My daddy was a cop and he taught me the difference between
right and wrong, to stick to my guns [well, he had the guns, I didn't]
and to stand up for what I believe in.

I'm standing.

The hate blog that exists now will be one of many if we don't do something. Hate bloggers will figure out that Google will do nothing about what
they post and the number of bad blogs will grow.

Google has proven that its TOS was created only to cover its own butt!

Do you think Google would've reacted the same way if a hate blog had been created
right after 9/11?

What if the hate blogger made fun of the victims of that terrible day?

What if the blogger made fun of the firefighters and cops who lost their

What if the blogger made fun of the brave people on that doomed plane
that crashed in Pennsylvania?

Would Google shut its eyes to a blog like that, too?

Google's response to my concerns reeks of discrimination. Google has
its own people living and working in India. But in light of what
Google said to me, those employees might as well be plastic

With a flick of its corporate wrist, Google dismissed the value of
all of those tsunami victims [including US citizens].
And insulted the ones who are over there dealing with the disaster
right now.

Google touts its wonders to the media and honestly believes its all
that and a bag of good.

It isn't.

And after the way I was treated when making my telephone inquiries, I
know that Google could use an injection of conscience.

What if Bill Gates asked Google to back up its TOS and remove that hate blog?

Would Google tell a rich man to stick his valid complaint in his ear?

I hope that YOU contact Google about this.

You will speak for everyone who is in agony over there
right now.

You will speak for those who have lost every family member or friend
that they had.

You will speak for those who lost their homes and can't sit
like we can today and enjoy another nice day.

You will speak for the
selfless volunteers who are risking everything to help the victims in
those ravaged areas.

And you will also speak for those of us in the
blogging population who maintain a decent set of standards.

Even when Google doesn't.

You can start by contacting:

Amy M. Iacopi
Assistant to Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google


Phil said...
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Ruthie In The Sky said...

How pathetic!

Tiberius...or whomever you are...your comments are just, plain pathetic.

What if it was one of your sisters or brothers or a very close friend who was killed over there?

What if you were working to help the survivors over there?

Would you still say that the blog is "just a bad joke"???

I'll tell you what the joke is: Google's Terms of Service. Google's invisible abuse policy.

What a freaking crock!

"Freedom of speech" doesn't mean that a blog like that should be allowed to exist. No it doesn't.

Because the individual that created that blog didn't poke fun in any way, shape or form at himself. And I don't think the phrases that he uses in that blog would ever be considered "joking" if I repeated them:

In the offices of Mercy Corps
The American Red Cross
Every other organization that is helping in South Asia right now
In front of the families who's loved ones have died as a result of the tragedy
In Congress
In the Senate
To President Bush
In front of the decent people that I know right here in Oregon

Ohhh no!

Sir, if you want to yank the blind down in an attempt to hide the truth of this matter:

You're going to have to pull a lot harder than you have!!!

Phil said...
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Ruthie In The Sky said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ruthie In The Sky said...

Say what?


You obviously meant to send that comment to the other blogger.

At least I hope so.

Either that, or you are in serious need of a mind-reboot.

Get this straight: I am the one who cares about the people suffering in South Asia. And I care about the people who are over there doing everything they can to make themselves much more useful than you.

Which is why I find the blog in question so offensive. And Google's apathy so wrong.

It appears that you are woefully confused at the moment, Tiberius. I suggest that you go take a nap.

Perhaps you will think more clearly after you take a snooze for six hours and then WAKE UP!!!