Thursday, January 13, 2005

The FBI Million Dollar Guy

In the months after the 9/11 tragedy, I referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] as "Forever Being Idiots."

At the time, they deserved that label.

Now Homeland Security is trying to get its act together.

I hope that they do.

Too many bad people have slipped through the Federal net over the years.

[One example is listed on the America's Most Wanted website: VICTOR MANUEL GERENA. Click on the post headline above to follow AMW's coverage of the manhunt for Gerena.]

I listen to the radio while I do my work online. The station that I listen to most often is 105.9 FM "The River" from here in Portland, Oregon USA.

Lately that station has been airing a recruiting commercial for the FBI. It's sort of weird to hear a voice ask "Would you like to work for the FBI?" after the close of the "Jammin'" song by Bob Marley!

Kind of makes me want to pass a star-spangled joint!

With proper credentials, of course.


Binsk said...

Take care of yourself Ruth...don't put yourself in harm's way

Ruthie In The Sky said...


Without bread inside the wrapper, the tie has nothing to twist.