Thursday, January 06, 2005

Google's Direct Delay

This is a copy of the email exchange between myself and Dr. Schmidt's assistant at Google this morning:

-From Me to Google-

Nobody from Google has contacted me yet concerning the following---

1.] I am requesting that the offensive blog:

be removed from the Google system.

2.] I am requesting that a reminder of the
Terms of Service and sanctions for abuse
be prominently placed on the Blogger Homepage
or member's Dashboard.

3.] I am requesting development of a fair
and simple way for Blogger members to report
abuse to the right people at Google.

You told me in an email yesterday that someone would be contacting me
That hasn't happened.

The above-mentioned blog is disgraceful.

Either Google has no qualms about a blogger making a travesty of
Google's established TOS or Google approves of the contents of the
above-mentioned blog.

Which is it?

-From Google to Me-

As I mentioned yesterday on the telephone, someone will be getting back
to you within the next few days. They will contact you directly.

-From Me to Google-

I appreciate your response however I am aware that today
is Thursday.

Am I correct in assuming that Google will be contacting me by Monday next?

Is Google going to continue to support that blog until next week?

You have been very cooperative and understanding. I thank you for that.

However, I am disgusted with Google's methods of operation.

YOU have done a fine job [assistant's name]

But Google has not.

I could discuss any aspect of my Gmail account and it would be dealt
with at lightning speed compared to how THIS situation is playing out.

You have done your part.

This is not directed at you [assistant's name]

Google has a level of responsibility here. I hope that the company
takes a stand against racism, bigotry and hateful discrimination.

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