Tuesday, January 04, 2005

How To Be A Bad Blogger

I know that my blog isn't fancy. But I try to keep it current. And I talk about things that I think might matter to people other than myself.

And I try to be fair and ethical.

But there is a totally pathetic "human being" who has created a very bad blog.

I have contacted Google and I hope that the above link will be rendered inactive very soon.

[2008 UPDATE: Three years later, his hate blog is still accessible online.]

[UPDATE 2012: The blog is still available, online but has not been updated since March 2005.]


Richard said...

Why did you provide the link to his/her blog? We both hate what this blog has to say but I'd never provide a live link to the site from my own blog. I'd just give the blog name & let those who really must go to it--find it using a google search.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I like your "find it by using a Google search" comment, Richard.

I posted the link so that people can see the trash for themselves.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Look what Richard did:

James King
Carmel Valley, CA

He got an email from the bad Tsunami hate blogger. And the bad blogger revealed his true identity. Here it is.