Thursday, January 13, 2005

My Intelligent Visitors

All kinds of people visit my blog and most of the visitors have a blog of their own. From the high school girl who discusses her boyfriend in a blog that's designed in various shades of pink. To the football coach who posts about his struggles with Christianity.

There are bloggers who visit me from Belgium, Austria and the Middle East. Some are Gen-X'ers and some are middle-aged tech-professionals.

I even had a visit today from a guy who's entire blog is nothing but morphed photos of porn! [I considered referring him to my problem person, Tiberius]

In the midst of this, the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] sent me another update today.

Their latest project claims to have a finger on the pulse of EVERYONE'S future. They have all of us [as different as we may be] pigeon-holed and filed.

They CENTER their intelligence. Oh yeah, you betcha!

Maybe that's why they haven't found Bin Laden yet.

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