Thursday, January 20, 2005

My Message To Art Bell

At the end of the year, Art Bell and George Noory asked for people to write-in. They wanted to hear listener's best memories of the "Coast To Coast AM" radio show in 2004.

I sent in an email and didn't realize until tonight that my email was chosen and printed on their website.

I'm sure that MANY people wrote in and I consider myself lucky to be listed.

And even though I often deal with serious issues here on the blog, I enjoy the conversation on "Coast."

Many long-haul drivers listen to "Coast To Coast AM" as they drive all night on the road. It's a great show.


Anonymous said...

Ruth, is that really you? The same ruth rader who appeared in the sarasota herald-tribune a few years ago in the story "virtually homeless"? If so, glad to see you are doing well enough to have a web page.

If it's not you, well, sorry about this....

formerly of the sarasota herald-tribune...

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Dwayne's "buddy" needs to contact me via my email address which is on my webpage. The webpage is listed on the links menu on the right side of this blog's main page.

You will understand the previous paragraph.