Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Popeye Principal

It has been said that apathy is lethal. I agree.

During the play/movie "Fiddler On the Roof", Tevye finally decides that enough is enough. He breaks with tradition until circumstances finally force him to take a stand.

As a wise person once said: "I've takens all I cans and I can'ts takes no more!"

[I think it was Popeye. I hope so. Popeye was an original vegan]

I am taking a stand now.

I want hate blogging to be cast into the "lake of delete fire" where it belongs. And that includes the previously discussed "I Love Tsunamis" blog.

I called Larry Page's office at Google this morning. The woman there asked me to send her the URL for the tsunami blog and I have done so.

Now I hope that Larry Page and Google will remove that blog from this system.

Apathy is not acceptable when dealing with something like this.

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