Friday, January 14, 2005

Post-Op Politics

Today is apparently the last day for people to submit an idea to keep the Democratic Party on its feet.

The site claims that the top 100 ideas [The "best of the best", I guess] will be sent to all sorts of political people. The point being to inject new life into an ailing Party.

So for kicks and giggles, I submitted the following at the eleventh hour today:

I would like to create a blog that explains why I am NOT a member of the Republican Party. I would like to get input from Democrats and those who are considering becoming Democrats. My blog would pull no punches.

As a modern-day vagabond, I traveled roads to every State in Continental North America including Alaska. And while I have met many people, the Democratic Party has lost its link to people like me.

Democracy isn't all Birkenstocks and upscale granola. And because I eat in soup kitchens and sleep in homeless shelters, my input is ignored. That's unfortunate because I have good ideas to offer.

Socio-economic snobs have contributed to the erosion of the Democratic Party. That flaw isn't owned by Republicans.

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