Monday, February 28, 2005

Dennis Rader:Will They Ever Learn?

Some people still don't recognize the importance of psychic impressions in a criminal investigation.

Yes, some people, like the now infamous "Miss Cleo", are frauds.

Some people are legitimate and their information is valid.

The trick is discerning one from the other.

Say what you want to, folks. I know what the bottom line is.

There is a unique and formidable power in perception.

God sometimes sends his aid in very unique ways.

For example, you now know that Dennis Rader worked as an animal control officer.

Before I took it down, I posted a page that included a poem [listed in the section:

"Messages to BTK" on the "catchbtk" website.]

I re-posted the poem on the page that I made for BTK. And I posted photos of snarling wolves and the declaration that "Alphas' Black Wolves Will Capture You One Night Soon" on that same page.

That message was directed, obviously, to BTK.

Dennis Rader had a tie to "wild dogs", so to speak. And I knew that.

But psychic impressions go far beyond words and photos.

Tomorrow I will explain more about what I am talking about.

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