Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dennis Rader, Ruth Rader and the Lone Ranger

The following is a comment that a friend of mine, a high profile private investigator, sent to me. He encountered a technical hassle when he attempted to post the following statement in the "comments" section. So he emailed this to me instead and I am posting it here:

["I have spoken to Ruth on several occasions prior to BTK being apprehended. Long before he was, Ruth had what could only be described as a paranormal connection and felt some very odd connection to BTK. So close in fact that it felt dangerous. Ruth spoke about this several times and how eerie and close BTK felt to her. I have been an Investigator for over 20 years and dealt with many psychics and Ruth was definitely getting clues and info on BTK from some type of telepathy or precognition. I have seen it a lot in this work, I know it when I see it."]


He goes by the name "Loneranger1" here and decided to do that rather than posting his real name. I understand his reasoning.

Take it or leave it, gang: He's telling the truth and that's the fact.

I have been on the road so I have not had the ability or the time to post like I want to here.

But I will do my best to bring everyone up to speed. Read On.

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