Monday, March 28, 2005

No Website Keeps Sex Offenders Out of Sight

Some emails just speak for themselves:


[Dear Ms. Rader: I received your March 24, 2005, e-mail requesting information on
registered sex offenders, through the Superintendent of Oregon State
Police Website. You asked about checking the Oregon sex offender
registry on-line.

In order to keep a close record of the calls received, and to assure
all questions regarding sex offenders are properly addressed, Oregon
State Police has designed the Sex Offender Registration system so you
may obtain information on sex offenders in several different ways. The
information about registered sex offenders will be released, upon
request, to the public when the request is made via mail, fax,
telephone, or in person.

I realize for those members of the public who primarily communicate
through the internet this may seem an inconvenience. In allowing public
access to professional staff in the sex offender unit we hope to provide
the public with the ability to obtain a better understanding of the
program. This list and information on sex offenders in Oregon is
available and can be obtained by calling, writing, or visiting,
utilizing the following information.

The telephone number for making the request is (503) 378-3725 Ext.
4429#. The fax number is (503) 363-5475. In order to mail or make
contact during business hours, the address is 255 Capitol Street NE, 4th
Floor, Salem, OR, 97310.

I hope this answers your question. If you have any problem obtaining
the sex offender information you request, please contact me at this
e-mail address and I will try to correct the problem.

Vi Beaty, Manager
503-378-3725 x4425#]


[Hello Ms. Beaty...

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Oregon Sex-Offender Registry.

I appreciate your detailed explanation of the system that is used
within this State.

And I am downright appalled.

I have seen Dru Sjodin, Bethany Corriera, Carlie Bruscia and now
little Jessica murdered by a sex offender. And in each case, people
DID NOT KNOW that the person was a sex offender.

You most likely feel like I do and I realize that many people had to
make the decision to bypass the website option.

But I am ready to spearhead a movement to get that status changed.

For openers, I would like to know who I should direct an email [phone
calls will come later] to in relation to this matter.

Please enlighten me if you can. I appreciate your efforts.

Ruth Rader]
[UPDATE 2008: The "Dru Sjodin National Sex-Offender Registry" has helped to improve information about sex-offenders in every State.]

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