Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"Psychic" Is Just A Label

Dennis knows. And that is the bottom line.

I was standing on a ramp to 35 North...Outside of Ponca City, Oklahoma...With my thumb out...When a truck rolled up...Paused for a fraction of time and then drove past me and on up the ramp to the Interstate.

I remember asking myself:"What's a Kansas animal guy doing in Oklahoma?"

How come BTK's name is Dennis Rader?

Why did the case grab hold of me and never let go?

I posted as "2eyesonyou" on the BTK message boards at
and was the only person who filled-out a profile that included the url to this blog, my website and my real name.

Dennis Rader probably read that profile.

And I am certain that my comments held a certain significance to him.

Over and over, I pointed out the fact that I wasn't afraid to provide BTK with my real name. And I also shared the information that I lived in Portland, Oregon. I even included a photo of the street outside my window.

I felt Dennis Rader inside my head. He walked through my mind. I was keenly aware of that.

I don't know why God put it all together the way that He did. But He knew that if a message was sent to me...In any fashion...That I would listen.

And I did.

I believe that Dennis Rader was planning on doing something horrible. And he had decided to involve as many victims as possible.

But the law caught up and stopped him before he unleashed his "last hurrah."

The law, the psychic and the men in black.

God love them all.

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