Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri And Jessica Test Us All

[Click on the post headline above and you will go to the website that has been established for Terri Schindler-Shiavo.]

I encourage you to visit the site and examine it carefully.

Because there is something very wrong going down in the United States:

Some Americans are trying their damnedest to diminish the value of humanity.

And I am now in agreement with the one person that I never thought I would ever link up with on ANYTHING: George W. Bush.

He believes that Terri Schindler-Shiavo should die a natural death. He believes that she shouldn't be left to die of starvation and dehydration. He believes that doing so would be be a terrible, unforgivable sin.

He's right.

John Evander Couey, a registered sex-offender, recently murdered a nine-year-old girl, Jessica Marie Lunsford and he'll probably be sentenced to die.

But until all appeals are exhausted and that monster is finally taken from this earth, Couey will remain warm, comfortable and well-fed in a cell on death row.

So does our society justify comfort for one and cruelty for another?

It has become very obvious to me that our Nation has somehow gotten innocence mixed-up with evil.

Shame on all of the citizens of the United States of America who condone the removal of Terri Schindler-Shiavo's feeding tube!!!

Nobody has worked hard enough to prevent sex-offenders from harming children! But many people have gathered like salivating demons around the bed of a vulnerable woman!


I do not believe that Terri and Jessica's situations converged by coincidence.

There is a message that is evolving out of all of this and I hope that everyone that reads this post will take it to heart.

And then take action.
[UPDATE 2008: To this day, I think it's a damned shame that Terri had to die that way.]

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