Thursday, April 28, 2005

Iraqi Trucker In the USA?

I stood on the onramp to I-84 East on the edge of Troutdale, Oregon the other night.

And a big eighteen-wheeler stopped and I got a ride.

That's not unusual. I get rides with truckers all the time.

But this one was bit different.

I stepped into a HUGE 2004 Volvo tractor with a 53 foot trailer.

And the tractor was DRESSED...let me tell ya!

I had never been inside such a thing!

The driver swore he was 34 although he didn't look a day over 21.

He spoke broken English and told me that he has been in the United States for five years. He said that he was from the Middle East.

I only believe half of what he told me.

He said that: "Bush is good...he has to do what he doing...he has no choice." "Palestinian are bad...everything happen bad because Palestinians...Bush is good." "I never go to Iraq...not ever again."

Iraq? Palestinians? Bush is good?

Say WHAT?!

I asked him what he was hauling. And I wondered how he had managed to fly through the fan and become so well-established in the United States.

He never fully explained himself. And he never did tell me what he was hauling.

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