Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Sex-Offender Sends His Comments

I posted a notice about the petition to pass "Jessica's Law" on March 23. Check the original post "Jessica's Law Petition" in the March archive.

Recently I began getting stupid comments that I have decided to re-post here. I have included my responses:

Anonymous said...
You are all helping to usher in the the big brother control over the entire country. You people need to understand if someone was at one time a little perverted it does not mean that they are gonna go kill people, in fact, only 30% of all sex offenders are violent. What about the guy who had sex with a 16 year old ten years ago. and has not been to jail since? I'd rather die than wear a fuckin braclet

Ruthie In The Sky said...

There is no such thing as "a little perverted" when it comes to a sex offender.

As for your 30% statistic...where did you get that figure from?

Sex crimes are ALL violent in that they create the very the life of their victim.

No victim ever comes out of a sex abuse crime unscathed.

What guy are you referring to and what happened with the sixteen-year-old?

How is the sixteen-year-old NOW?

Sex offenders are REPEAT offenders.

As to your statement: "I'd rather die than wear a braclet [sp]."

...better YOU than anybody else.

Anonymous said...
mark lunsford need a fuckin bullet in his head, and so do the rest of you people for putting us all in the same basket, the 16 year old seduced the guy who got time for it, and now she is a bigger skut than before

Ruthie In The Sky said...
You said: "...for putting us all in the same basket."

I assume this means that YOU are a sex-offender?

Either you are or you aren't, guy.

There is no middle ground.

No MAN ever allows himself to be "seduced" by anybody.

Who do you think you're fooling, pervert?

Not me, that's for sure!

You then said: "...and now she is a bigger skut than before."

No, she is not a "skut" [whatever that is] but you ARE a loser who can't even navigate spellcheck.

And you said that: "mark lunsford need a fuckin bullet in his head."

Not only are you totally wrong about Mark Lunsford but you are also ignorant of the tracking abilities of the FBI.

I assure you...they know where you're posting from.


Anonymous said...

first of all, i am aware of my right to free speech, second, i have not been in any kind of trouble with the law in over 10 years, and third, just because i have urges does not mean i'm gonna kill anyone. so get a life. you people are so blind to the fact that the government is looking to control ALL of you. As for me, i'm going in the woods. And women are evil, if you take any man on the face of the planet and back him into a conrer, tease him,he will get aroused no matter what the girls age

Anonymous said...

and as far as being a reapeat offender, i hate children, and i don't even talk to them, and i refuse to be in the same room with a child, in fact i'm even moving to a comunnity that does not even allow children in it. and, the thought of doing anything with a child makes me sick, and i'm a repeat offender? no, not me

Ruthie In The Sky said...

You said: "...just because i have urges does not mean i'm gonna kill anyone..."

Just what ARE your "urges", pervert?

How about sharing your list?

Since you like harping on about this subject matter so much...will you reveal a bit more about your ugly self?

Just because you haven't been "in trouble with the law" for ten years doesn't mean that you haven't done anything wrong in that period of time.

You probably have. But you haven't been caught.


Ruthie In The Sky said...

You said: " get a life."

An interesting request from someone who's already talked about who he thinks should get "a bullet in the brain."

Your remarks are trite and juvenile at best.

You said: "...the government is looking to control ALL of you..."


Considering how I live my life, Ace, I don't think the government will ever "control" me at all.

But then, I don't go around posting comments about raping sixteen-year-old girls and putting bullets in people's brains.

So maybe that's why I don't worry about the Federal Cabal of Common Sense suddenly taking me into handcuffs.

YOU, on the other hand, need comprehensive counseling in a structured, sane environment.

And the woods don't count.

Leave those areas to the creatures that deserve to live there.

You said: "...women are evil..."

Only if you are referring to Paris Hilton.


And arousal is one thing. Walking away from a potentially volitale situation is something you can do with a wooden leg and a pogo stick.

You see a problem. You take yourself away from the problem.


No excuses.

You said: " far as being a reapeat offender, i hate children..."

Oh so you are into doing something bad with children?

I love kids. They're cool.

I loath perverts like you who hurt them.

Once, twice, three makes no difference.

YOU are a pervert and you should be removed from society.

You said: "...i'm even moving to a comunnity [sp] that does not even allow children in it."

A community with no children? you're finally heading to a prison somewhere?

Well, thank God!

Now I'm happy.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

You obviously have a serious problem or two.

I have deleted your latest comment as it contains words that I find unacceptable.