Sunday, April 24, 2005

Shelter Update: North Platte, Nebraska

I noticed the violations right away as I walked up the stairs to the "women's dorm" at the mission in North Platte, Nebraska:

The steps are steep and the handrail was just about ready to come right out of the wall.

There was no red exit light anywhere.

One smoke alarm was broken.

And the building is an old, rundown tinder-box.

The staff there tried to get me to do some work for an old woman with impaired hearing and no clear pattern of speech.

In other words: she didn't talk...She pointed and expected me to understand her.

I didn't.

Her place creeped me out and so did she.

I left.

The shelter kicked me out.

I hitched down to a point where a trucker named Jude picked me up and took me all the way to Reno, Nevada.

I enjoyed every minute of our time together.

And I now have his cell phone number.

The City of North Platte will get an email from me, too.

[UPDATE 2008: Frank Graham, a writer in North Platte, Nebraska, ended-up writing about this post in his blog. Click on the link in the post headline to read about it.]

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