Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I'm Not Your Ally

AHEM! [The following message is NOT aimed at you, Campers]This is MY BLOG, People! I created it...I post in it...I maintain it...and I will decide what links are listed.

I signed-up to your site and all of a sudden my blog included links to a whole list of other blogs. This would have been alright had I had the option to pick and choose which of those blogs I wanted listed on MY blog.

But NO...I didn't get that option. Nope. Those other url's just came marching in to my blog like 100 strangers into my living room. And I don't approve of some of those blogs and their content.

Sooo...see for yourself, Aces.

You're not going to get what you want. Maybe I won't either [at least not through your website] but I REFUSE to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with cyber-crap!!!

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