Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New Ideas To Track Sex Offenders

A friend of mine, private investigator extraordinaire, Chuck Chambers...sent me the following suggestions in an email today.
I think his ideas are right on:

[Let's make all the perps wear a gps locater. Then let's have [John] Walsh set up an online gps tracking site where parents can go pull up a certain area... say the area of the movie theater... and see how many blinking bracelets there are at that location. Might make them take little Sally to a different movie after they take a look.

Lets have the gps bracelets run a ping on the perps every 15 minutes to half hour and log their known locations and movements. Then if we need to go back and pull up a date a month ago... we can see who was near the abduction scene and how often he cased the place or stalked the route of the child.]

They don't call him the LoneRanger1 for nothing. Good ideas!!!

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