Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ruthie In The Public Eye

From Blogshares.com I bring you the latest Top 100 Incoming Links:

[This is a list of the most valuable incoming links at the time OTHER blogs are indexed. It is indicative of FUTURE value not CURRENT value.]

1.bloggers without borders - Blogueurs Sans Frontières | Blogger Ohne Grenzen (B$18,280.21)
2.yoGeekini (B$1,100.00)
3.Blogs of War (B$782.29)
4.The Arkansas Bushwhacker's Web Journal @ BraveJournal (B$625.53)
5.**Ruthie In The Sky (B$550.00)**
6.Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (Acoustic) in the stereo... @ tBLOG (B$442.16)
7.De periodismo y más... (B$366.67)
8.Our Life (B$305.71)
9.American Dinosaur (B$249.36)
10.EagleSpeak (B$226.15)
11.The World According to Nick (B$193.25)
12.Conservative Thinking (B$190.52)
13.Cobra Doc (B$183.33)
14.Cardens.net (B$179.83)
15.roblog (B$150.52)
16.The Royal Flush (B$143.44)
17.The Sundries Shack (B$141.54)
18.The Highway 101 Dingbat (B$141.20)

Gee whiz...looks like I beat out Stone Temple Pilots, The Royal Flush AND The Highway 101 Dingbat.

I just love this stuff!

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