Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I checked-out of the Motel 6 at noon the next day. I had checked-in so late the night before that I needed the extra rest.

I went to the library, got some money from Kelly, ate, bought a big yellow flashlight from Home Depot and then walked off into the night.

It was Saturday night as I stood outside of a little town just past Meadville and put my thumb out. No takers.

Thunderheads swelled above me and opened up a few minutes later as I began my journey down Highway 19 South.

I got soaked. My cigarettes, amazingly enough, remained dry.

I don't smoke much but when I go through an experience like I did on Saturday night...I smoke like an old engine.

I reached an abandoned gas station at 3AM and kicked in the door to the men's room [the women's door wouldn't budge for some reason...I theorized that a body was laying on the other side of THAT door] and pulled out some semi-dry clothes from the bottom of my pack.

After my hasty clothing change, I sat outside under an overhang and waited for the dawn to come.

I shivered, listened to my Walkman and smoked to stay awake.

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