Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ruthie On the Road, Update

I woke up about an hour-and-a-half later and walked to Highway 19 South again. A few minutes later a cop stopped me and checked my identification.

He was worried about me walking down the road in the dark.

I climbed into the grass on the other side of a guard rail and slept there until first light.

Then I put out my thumb and got a ride down to Washington, Pennsylvania.

I found a very nice mission there and the people fed me, pointed me to the shower, gave me some jammies and put me to bed.

I slept all day Monday.

Yesterday, I left Washington and ended up meeting a Salvation Army Captain in a small Pennsylvania border town. I also met a woman who designs stained-glass for a living.

Both of them helped me get down here to where I am now: Morgantown, West Virginia.

I am staying at a shelter here and I 'm alright. For the moment, anyway.


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