Friday, May 27, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Now Decatur is a nice little town that is situated between Fort Wayne and Muncie.

I got there at around 1:45 am and pushed the buzzer at what the kids thought was the local homeless shelter.

A woman came to the door and explained that it is a domestic violence shelter.

"Oh geez" I said and felt myself wilt once more.

The woman told me to wait, shut the door and got on the phone. After a few minutes she came back and told me that the motel [AmeriSuites] across the parking lot had a room waiting for me.

I was stunned.

So the kids drove me over there and made sure that I successfully checked-in and then I went to bed.

Later on yesterday morning I walked out of Decatur and hitched a ride to the small town of Portland.

When I walked into the local cop shop, I was exhausted.

They noticed that right away and I explained to them what happened.

They were shocked that Fort Wayne wasn't able to accommodate me.

So Portland did.

I ate a little bit and then headed down to the local cheap motel. I switched on the Weather Channel and then fell down on the bed.

Lights out.

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