Monday, May 09, 2005

Truckers, TattleTales and Homeland Security

[Click on the post headline above and you will go to the Highway Watch website.]

This site has been set up [in part]to help link truckers with trainers.

The idea is to train truckers to spot "suspicious people" aka terrorists.

Yeah right!

Next month I will post photographs of two Wal-Mart distribution centers, a Food Lion distribution center and a Swift Trucking yard that I visited while riding with a trucker.

And I had no business being in any of those places.

I took the photographs on the sly.

One of the Wal-Mart centers is in Virginia area and the other one is near the Poconos of Pennsylvania. The Food Lion drop is in the Virginia area as is the Swift Trucking yard.

I have passed through weigh-scales without a seat belt on. I have seen truckers swallow pills and alchohol. I have watched truckers spark up [smoke marijuana] and drive right out onto the open road.

I now know that a dispatcher will, at times, electronically change the number of hours and give a trucker more time to "legally" drive.

And the Feds want to train these souls to assist them with Homeland Security??!!??

I recently hitchhiked from Oregon to New York State and every trucker that I met along the way told me that he would NEVER be a "watcher" for the Federal Government.

It's very obvious why the drivers feel this way.

[UPDATE 2008: I took the photos to a Wal-Mart for one-hour developing. When I went back to pick them up, all of the above-mentioned photos were missing. TRUE STORY, CAMPERS! I left with all of the photos before and after those shots were taken. When I pulled the negatives out of the envelope, the middle photos were gone.]

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