Tuesday, June 21, 2005

AMW and ME

America's Most Wanted, a very determined detective named Hallmark and a team of law enforcement professionals are continuing their search for the I-40 serial killer/killers.

A discussion about the case can be found in the forums section of the America's Most Wanted website.

Below is a note from the producers of AMW to me:

[From: EAMProducer 9:56 am
To: Ruthie On The Road (NowYouKnow1) 733 of 757

4017.733 in reply to 4017.640

Sorry it has been so long since I posted on this message board. In the past few weeks, I have been following up on the capture of one of my fugitives. Though he is not related to this case in particular, it was a serial rapist that has been on the run since 1999, so that's great news.

Regarding Casey's case, all I can tell you is there is one tip Detective Hallmark and I are working on in particular. As you know, I cannot give you that much information on the tip, but needless to say, Detective Hallmark and I both feel the tip is promising. This tip is going to take a few weeks to work on but I will try to do my best and let you guys know what is going on as the investigation progresses. Thanks to all of you for keeping this forum going. You are all doing great.


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