Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

A guy in a smaller delivery truck picked me up around midnight and drove me all the way to Littleton, Colorado. He wanted to let me out in Denver but lost that option due to the massive road construction.

I called the Littleton Police Department and asked them where I should go. They told me to take the light rail back to Denver. They acted like I was an imposition and blew me off.

That was the first example of wrong behavior that I ran into with a local police department. And as you know, it wouldn't be the last.

I walked down to the light rail and met a man who was riding his bike around.

He asked me if I wanted to stay at his apartment overnight. He looked sincere and harmless and I wanted to get off the street.

So we walked to his apartment which is located across from the light rail station. The next day I took the light rail back into downtown Denver.


Introspector said...

I have to say after reading so many of your postings that this would scare the hell out of me. You stay with people who do not always seem to be okay. Even you yourself say that you do not always feel that they are right. Yet you take a risk. I wish you the best Ruthie. I look forward to reading about you.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

What scares the hell out of ME is the manipulative nature of the so-called "provider system"...and the stupidity of the people that continue to fund it.

Empowerment is almost nowhere to be seen.

Most of the programs are money in and garbage out.

Thank you for your comment.