Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

What really bothers me about the shelter in Eugene, Oregon is their attitude about real life. They do everything that they can to avoid it.

Women are not allowed to wear shorts above the knee. At all. Knees are considered an erotic part of the female anatomy and therefore must be hidden at all cost.

Women are not allowed to sit, eat or socialize with the male residents.

Women are not allowed to keep their belongings with them. Baggage is practically confiscated and access to the bags is controlled by schedule.

Women are only allowed to take a fifteen-minute shower. Women must put on certain shelter pajamas before going to bed.

It's crazy. Plain and simple. And I will have NO part of it.

I'm much better up here at the Salvation Army shelter right now, thank you very much.

Nobody has the right to prey on someone when that someone is without money.

I wrote the above sentence down on a piece of paper and left it in a strategic location before I left that shelter.

...probably the most honest words somebody in that facility ever wrote...

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