Friday, July 29, 2005

Bad Town Horrors

I got a ride across a bridge to Duluth last night. And then I ended up calling a friend of mine who was kind enough to contact the Duluth Police Department who got me to a shelter.

This morning, my Walkman [the one that Sister Karen had replaced after mine was stolen near Crookston, Minnesota] was stolen off the top of my pack.

It was taken by one of three women. And nobody searched them. Nobody cared.

I went ballistic.

This afternoon, a social worker is going to drive me back to Superior, Wisconsin where I will stay in a domestic violence shelter. It promises to be a much better situation than the one that I am in now.

I will take nothing less than that.

On Monday, I am going to take a bus back West a bit.

And I will never visit this part of Minnesota or Wisconsin again.

Because it sucks.

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