Thursday, July 28, 2005

From Bad To Worse

I finally got a ride out of Ashland. Two hippies in a van stopped and picked me up. The sweethearts. They even had a cool dog.

I got to Superior, Wisconsin [back-tracking] and discovered that this city has a shelter for men. Nothing for women.

Yes, Campers...It's Bismarck, North Dakota all over again. But there is no Jeremy in sight.

Superior only provides a domestic violence shelter for women. I am not a DV case so I am out in the cold.

I am going to have to walk across the bridge to Duluth, Minnesota.

If Duluth doesn't help me then I don't know what I am going to do.

There is something radically wrong with the provider-system in this Country!


Anonymous said...

Why is it the job of others to provide for you.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Others don't provide me anything. God does.

If you have a problem with that, I suggest you take it up with Him.