Monday, July 11, 2005

Good Cop, Bad Cop [Part Four]:

The cop was an idiot.

He told me that I couldn't hitchhike in Wyoming. At all. Period.

He told me that I represented hitchhikers and said "I know what those hitchhikers do: they rob people, kill people, too and steal their cars."

He then took my identification and ran it. He was noticeably disappointed when he discovered that no wants and warrants were attached to it.

I asked him why he told me that I couldn't hitchhike when the cops on the previous night had told me that I could.

He just repeated the same phrase again like a stone deaf idiot: "You can't hitchhike in Wyoming."

"There's only one thing that I will allow you to do" [Yes, he actually said the words "I will allow"] You can walk down the opposite ramp that leads to the lanes heading southbound. From there you can walk north on the shoulder of the interstate, facing traffic."

It was almost 100 degrees in the midday heat and I was carrying a full pack on my back.

I looked at that young, crackpot cowboy and asked "Are you NUTS?!?"

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