Thursday, July 14, 2005

Good Cop, Bad Cop [Part Six]:

I shook my head and told Officer McKay that I had no intention of accepting his garbage. And that included what he held in his hand.

I asked him to repeat the number again and I punched it into my cell phone.

And when I connected with his stupidvis...I mean supervisor I told him what happened and asked him for a reasonable solution.

He hung up on me.

So, the trucker told me that he would take me wherever I needed to go in the local area. I was and am still most grateful to him.

Meanwhile, I walked over to his pickup and slid in the front seat while he turned up the air conditioning.

Then I called 911, told them what was going on, they connected me back to Highway Patrol, I spoke to a dispatcher named Ida, who contacted her lieutenant, who then called me back and told me to go to the local shelter.

And when I got there, the check for the bus fare to Casper, Wyoming was already signed.

It is my belief now that one half of the Wyoming State Police does not know what the other half is doing at any given time.

Why didn't Officer McKay offer me a ride to the shelter?

Why didn't he tell me that getting a bus ticket was an option?

Why didn't HE make the calls that I ended up making myself?

He could have by-passed 911 and connected right to the source

Instead he just blew more hot air into an already over-heated situation.

Good cop? Bad cop? Or just a dum cop?

A waste-of-my-time cop. That's what Officer McKay of the Wyoming State Police Patrol is...As far as I am concerned.

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