Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Permanently Jail Convicted Sex-Offenders!

Over and over and over...A sex-offender released from incarceration attacks and kills another young woman, a whole family or an innocent child.

WHAT, I ask, is it going to take to stop this menace?

I believe that all sex-offenders who have attacked another human being should be permanently removed from mainstream society.

No ifs, ands or buts.

There is no such thing as "rehabilitation" when it comes to a pervert or pedophile.

There is just a space in time before the sex-offender takes action and another tragedy happens.

I've had it with "mercy" and "rights" and the ACLU!!!

The United States judicial system is allowing monsters to repeat their horrible behavior and I believe that enough is enough!

Get a clue, people!

If you stand in the middle of the interstate you're going to get hit. And if sex-offenders keep getting released into society...Somebody somewhere is going to get hurt or killed.

It's not rocket science. It's time to clean up a very dirty problem ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

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alyceclover said...

May 2006 headline. A couple video taped the rape & murder of a woman. He spent 18 years in prision for a prior rape & sodomy conviction. 18 years didn't teach him a thing. What if he'd been castrated instead of incarcerated (or both?). The other news is a judge gave a guy probation rather than jail for molesting a 12 year old girl. He won't fare too well in jail, is the reason why. Gee, nice precedent, all you short guys out there, go ahead and molest children, they aren't protected from men like you, but you'll be protected from judges like that. Having followed those headlines, read about serial killers, yup, in jail, set free, to rape, over and over again. Next step, rape & murder. Over & over again. Often hear, "she shouldn't have went to the college party and been drinking", don't hear "he shouldn't have been to a college party, drinking and most definitely should not have raped her". Makes me ill.