Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I didn't get the photos developed yet because I have not finished the whole roll of film yet. Yeah, I am probably the only person left on the planet that uses a disposable camera.

But, hey, it works!!!

As for what I did this past weekend: I traveled.

I left the YWCA in Lafayette, Indiana and rolled across the Country to Fort Collins, Colorado.

It's a very nice, clean, pretty city and smells like teen spirit...I mean money.

Yeah, and Jeremy decided to send me emails and told me that he wants me to meet up with him again.

And do you know that I haven't got a single photograph of that boy?

Perhaps I should meet back up with him and make nice just long enough to get a nifty shot of the damnable Mr. J.

Then I can edit it.

And post it here.

I told Jeremy that he should have come out and met me. But as it is, I went about 1200 miles to get to his handsome face.

Then he got in a snit about what I said in a flurry of emails and he split. Perhaps forever.

That's okay. Life goes on.

Picture that.

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