Friday, July 22, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I drained my 24-ounce can of Rockstar and stormed off to town. I found a United Way office and asked them if Crookston has a homeless shelter.

They directed me to where I am staying now.

When I got to the shelter, I found that is isn't like a standard homeless shelter. It's much better than that.

I have my own room with a nice comfy bed, a sink, mirror, wardrobe closet, chest of drawers, small desk, chair, window with a mini blind and a very large, combination light and ceiling fan.

There is a shared bathroom for all the women tenants.

And for five dollars a night [yes, I said FIVE DOLLARS, folks] I get my room and three meals per day!!!

I have to do a job every day [today I cleaned out the van] but it's just a small chore.

And last night, after I told Sister [the facility is operated by Catholic nuns] about my Walkman, she told me to get in the van.

Then, that woman drove me all the way back to the Wal-Mart in Grand Forks, Minnesota, treated me to dinner and bought me a brand new Walkman.

Yes, Campers, she replaced what I lost. I am listening to it right now as I type this.

And I'm smiling. And I still can't believe it.

Ya better believe I AM going to KEEP A SHARP EYE on my Walkman from now on!!!

Yeah, buddy!

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