Thursday, July 07, 2005

The TIGER And The Toilet

I have traveled the Continental United States for the past ten years. And I have seen the best and worst that America has to offer along the way.

This morning I said, "Good morning" to a lady when she walked into the bathroom in a shelter in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was feeling pretty good about this day when I offered her the happy greeting.

She glared back at me and hissed "Don't ever say 'good morning' to me."

I left that shelter and will never return.

A TIGER called TERRORISM slashed a mighty paw across London's peaceful dawn. People in that area did not have a good morning today.

Transit in the United States is under the color orange today. Orange: The shade of tigers.

What do we have to fear the most in the United States today: Weapons? Colors? TIGERS?

Or are we all really under the threat of the formidable emotion known as HATE?

I could not make the lady in that shelter appreciate the gift of another day of life. I could not stop the TIGER's rampage through London today, either.

Hate like shit...Happens.

And while the effects of that hate continue to circle the bowl, we are left with a choice: Either clean up our attitude toward each other and the world. Or go down fast in one royal flush.

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