Monday, July 18, 2005

Wyoming House of Hypocrites, Update

The following email was sent to the webmaster address associated with the Casper Wyoming Rescue Mission website:

["This email is for the Executive Director. Whether it reaches him is
debatable. After what has transpired with me while I've been staying
at the mission, I am doubtful that this email will go anywhere.

But I am going to make an attempt...An attempt to communicate. Clearly.

Here goes:

I was hitchhiking through Wyoming [I am an actual resident of Oregon
State] when I was stopped by the State Police outside of Cheyenne. I
was told to get off the ramp and not to hitchhike any further through

I got a bus ticket up here and have been staying at the mission since
last Friday night.

During my time here, I have done everything that I can to get myself
out of here.

And I befriended several of the "program women" and listened to their
litany of woes and sorrows all last weekend.

Last night, Sandy H. decided to show me a letter, signed by you [Carl
Wolosin] that described 101 good reasons why she should remain in the
program at the mission.

But Sandy had been waiting for her boyfriend to arrive from out of
town. Sandy got phone calls from this guy. She said that she talked to
somebody about getting permission to see him...On or off the mission

When her boyfriend didn't show up and didn't contact her she decided
that it had something to do with the mission. Either she wasn't told
that her boyfriend had called or he was turned away at the mission
door and she was never notified about it.

I was sitting in the back smoke area last night when she sauntered out
with the above-mentioned letter.

"Look at this" she said "It says here that [on the second page, near
the bottom] I had [it was either five or six] breathalyzer tests [or
it was some kind of tests listed] and I've never had one since I've
been here."

"She lied when she wrote this out and since she did, what else have
these people been lying to me about?"

"Did they hear from or see my boyfriend and then lie to me and tell me
that they didn't?"

"Did they do that because they don't want me to see him...Because they
are trying to control me?"

We discussed it at length and then today I was hauled into Sharon's
office and told that allegations had been made about me. I was told
that I had labeled the mission staff as "hypocrites and controlling."

I was and still am-----insulted and darn mad.

The very fact that Sandy talked to me instead of saving her concerns
for a session with her case manager is beyond me. She obviously has
more confidence in me than she does in your people.

And as for the allegation about my causing trouble in the dorm...That,
Sir, is bullshit.

That was stirred-up by a mentally ill individual who's got a jealousy
problem [she likes to lead the parade...I know, it makes no
sense...But then I already explained that she suffers from an illness]
and nothing more.

So I am writing this to you because I want you to know that I am grateful for all that the mission has done to help me. HOWEVER...The program women need to have less time on their hands and a lot more

They need to receive the truth and
use it in the manner that it is intended. Christianity is not a
theology to be manipulated to suit the believer."]

I received a response today from the webmaster who informed me that: "Your e-mail has been forwarded to the executive director and to the women's program director."

I'm looking forward to their formal written responses.

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