Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bad Box Of Toys

I anticipated a problem yesterday morning. And I am no longer with the guy who owns the trucking company in Reno.

I asked him about why he has the words "J.D.'s Toy Boxx" written on
the side of his truck. He got nervous when I asked him about it. Real
defensive. And I could see by his demeanor that he was very uptight
about my line of questioning.

Maybe the guy is a pedophile. He has stuffed monkeys and bean bag
snakes in his truck. Maybe he is a serial killer. Maybe he likes to
play with his prey for awhile before he kills it.

He got obnoxious when we pulled out of Reno and I left him about 20 miles outside of Reno.

I got a ride, by the grace of God, from a nice man who took me to Battle
Mountain, Nevada which is located near

I then got another ride from a group of women who are putting me on a
Greyhound bus. I am planning on getting over the Idaho border and then
getting a motel room for some solid sleep before I move on.

Before the ladies showed up outside Battle Mountain, J.D. showed up in
his truck again.

But there were hours between when I'd left him and when he passed me again. I don't know where he was during that time. But there he was again.

He stopped the truck a ways back and just watched me for a minute. I
didn't budge. Then he pulled the truck forward and I gave him the
finger. Clearly.

He took off then and I have not seen him since. I don't trust him, either.

But I do know that before things went sour, I took a photograph of him and his truck.


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