Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kerry Clamps Down

A new petition crafted by John Kerry. He's fed up with the war. So am I.

I "signed" it and left this comment:

I think that every man and woman who catches a bullet or gets torn apart by a
bomb in the Middle East is one less American who will have a chance to
make our Country better than it is now.

I think that President Bush is a fraud. I think that he and others in
the Federal Government and in the private sector have a hidden
agenda that will end up hurting us all.

I think that the time has come for the American people to get the
chance to vote on whether our Country remains in this terrible war.


Blondie said...

Like a big conspiracy or something right? You've got to be kidding me. Every single person in the Armed Forces has volunteered to go to Iraq and the vast majority want to be there and support it 100%... myself included. What do you think will be solved by ending the war right now? The terrorists who attacked our country won't just go away when we leave Iraq. They will come after us here on our own turf again. And what about the Iraqis that America is helping just by being there everyday to protect them and rebuild their country?

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Ms. "Blondie"...people HAVE "volunteered" to go to Iraq. That's true. But many of those people come from low-income areas and do it for the money.
Others go because they have been brain-washed by the Bushites' red-white-and-you propaganda.
recently ran a series of articles about the low morale among the American troops in the Middle East right now.
The troops are bummed-out because too many people are dying and nothing is getting resolved.
What do I think will be solved by ending the war right now?
The problem of the rising American death toll in Iraq and the surrounding area, that's what.
"They will come after us here on our own turf again."
Well, anybody might do that!
That's a given like there will be another domestic murder or a bank robbery in THIS Country.
But I don't think that sending almost 2,000 American men and women to their deaths is going to improve anything in Iraq.
I agree that Iraq needs to be rebuilt. Considering the fact that our military already bombed the hell out of it.
But independant contractors should do that...not our military!
But whether we help rebuild that Country or not won't stop the insurgents. And it's the insurgents that are doing EVERYTHING WRONG OVER THERE!
Please tattoo this to your rear-end:
Dead Americans in Iraq won't stop terrorism.
And then sit your butt down in an appropriate spot and rid yourself of your stinking thinking.