Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Nothing Good About Dwight Gooden

[Click on the post headline above to go to the "America's Most Wanted" website and its coverage of the now-fugitive ballplayer, Dwight "Run-Away-From-Myself" Gooden.]

I read the story about Dwight Gooden, who gave up his chance to become a legend in Major League Baseball, and thought about Rob Deer.

For some reason, I always thought that the face I'd see on the "America's Most Wanted" website would belong to former Major Leaguer Rob Deer. NOT to Dwight Gooden!

I don't know where you are Rob...but I know you're not hiding. And I'm happy to hear that.

As for you, Dwight Gooden, YOU need to stop, turn around, be a man [for once in your life] and turn yourself in.

You're an idiot, Dwight, plain and simple.

And your life isn't going to get any better if you keep on trying to fix it by yourself.

Rob's Brother is many things, but he's not wanted by the law.

Not yet, anyway.

[UPDATE 2008: Dwight Gooden turned himself in to Tampa authorities on August 25, 2005, two days after I posted this message.]

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