Friday, August 05, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

"...Severe Weather Warning:
The weather turned ugly first. [The ugly people came later]

According to the National Weather Service, tornadoes threw tantrums across Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin a few days ago.

This happened shortly after I left Duluth and took a city bus to the nearby town of Proctor, Minnesota.

When I stepped off the bus in Proctor, I had no idea that the bad weather was going to hit. I ate dinner at a place called the Railway Cafe. When I walked out of the restaurant, a siren began its eerie wail.

I stopped and looked up in the sky. The heavens had transformed from a peaceful blue to a churning mass of gray and black. I turned on my Walkman and a voice announced: "The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Duluth and the surrounding area in St. Louis County. Then I watched in stunned amazement as a piece of cloud began to drop down from the sky.

"Uffdah!" I yelled and started running back the other way.

When I got back to the cafe, I told the nice lady that worked there that very serious weather was about to hit.

The lights went out and the heavy rain splashed across the windows.

Meanwhile, more travelers came into the cafe and waited for the storm to pass.

Twenty-minutes later, the storm subsided and I headed to the highway once again.

I got two good rides and then a man from Illinois picked me up.

He played jazz tapes in his old truck and talked with me all the way to a rest area outside Cass Lake, Minnesota.

After he pulled in there, he started drinking...One beer after another. Fast.

Then he told me to give him a neck massage or get out of his truck. I grabbed my bag and left.

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