Monday, August 08, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am now in Crookston, Minnesota. Alive, well and feeling blessed.

I got rides as far as Bagley [the last ride to "Bags" was via a cop] and sat out Friday night on my pack under a light pole.

At 5:30 am Saturday morning, I got up and started walking down the highway again.

A nice elderly gentleman picked me up and drove me to the shelter in Crookston.

I stayed the weekend in a great room there. Right now both Sister Amanda and Sister Karen are deciding whether or not to rent to me for the winter.

Sister Karen really wants me to stay and I am hoping that Sister Amanda does, too.

If I get to stay, I will take photos of my room, the Sisters, and the town of Crookston.

I am hoping to stay and begin serious work on my novel. This is my dream and I want it to end up on a best seller shelf in a highbrow bookstore.

Next month I will turn fifty. And by now, I have earned the right to turn that dream into reality.

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