Friday, August 12, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The reason why I didn't stay at the Fargo YWCA is because I was the target of total ignorance.

There are many Native Americans living in North Dakota and some of them are just plain hateful. In fact, they are about as bad as the people that I met in Cass Lake, Minnesota.

A Native American woman who decided that she didn't like me [because I wouldn't let her badger me around in the kitchen] went to the workers there and told them that I had made negative racial remarks to her.

Oh yeah freaking right...NOT!!!

So the next thing I know, the workers are climbing all over my case and I finally told them to stuff it.

I packed my bag and walked miles to a point where highways 17 north and south split off of Interstate 94.

It was there, as I was trudging along, that a kind driver from Canada stopped his motorhome and picked me up.

He drove me from there to Bismarck where [yup, you're right] two Native American women stopped and picked me up.

They were headed for Mandan, about seven miles down the road.

I didn't realize until I climbed into the backseat of their car that they were both high as kites.

When we got into Mandan [by the grace of God] I told the driver that I wanted to get out of the car. She told me that she'd let me out when she was ready to let me out.

I grabbed my cell phone and when she heard it beep she asked me what that sound came from.

"I just turned on my cell phone and I'm reaching 911." I replied.

She brought the car to the curb and I got out. When I did the passenger got out and started grabbing in my pockets [probably for the phone] and pushing me around.

In the end, she got my Walkman [yup, AGAIN, PEOPLE!!!]hopped back in the car and the driver scooted the car down the street.

I didn't lose my cell phone because I keep it where I keep it. 'Nuff said.

The Walkman...Well...Here we go again.

I'm gonna have to get myself a secure something to keep it in when I buy the next one AGAIN!

I'm not real happy with the Natives these days.

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