Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bush The bungler

The following is an adaptation of comments that I originally posted in a forum on the "America's Most Wanted" website:

I am on my way to Washington DC to take part in the protest that will include Cindy Sheehan.

How do you like those little green apples?

And by the way, before you go into your little brown worm jokes or post comments about hard cider...Let me have my moment.

Thank you.

Here goes:

Today, George W. Bush the bungler [his word that he gave to himself] admitted and took responsibility for the major mistakes in efforts to deal with the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

Plain and simple, he knows that he screwed-up. The Federal Government did an awful job of handling that situation and they know it.

Bush also knows that his National approval rating has dropped to 39%, the lowest since he has been President. People are pissed-off and fed up and I am, too.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to three people from New Orleans. You should have heard what THEY had to say.

The "war" in the Middle East is taking lives and draining money from the United States. That's it, period. The insurgents are still getting their way and the so-called "New Whirled Order" [visualize whirled peas...Get it?] is still in a state of chaos.

Nothing is being resolved. I doubt that it ever will be. What Bush the asshole has spoken about is never going to materialize. Not in my lifetime, anyway.

All the folks over there and all the money over there could have been used and is sorely needed OVER HERE right now!

The war is a complete flex of foolishness.

And I will stand tall beside my brothers and sisters on September 24th in Washington DC and say so.

Thank you.


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