Thursday, September 01, 2005

Coping After Katrina, Continued

Nobody, not an army, not a government, not a priest, a rabbi or the pope could stop Katrina.

She came, she hit and she tore a hole in the star-spangled fabric of my Country.

No, nothing and nobody could have ever stopped Ms. Hurricane Katrina.

But we can all work to stop some things that are happening now.

A long time ago, I read a novel titled "A Clockwork Orange." Somehow watching the erosion of decent human behavior in the New Orleans area today reminded me of that story again. Or maybe the crimes are mirroring "Lord Of The Flies."

At any rate, it ain't makin' nothin' down there any bettah, I guarantee!!!

While the holes in the safety net grow ever wider, I'm sure Bin Laden is sitting somewhere laughing his butt off.

Yeah, we're united...Sure we look after our own...That's why we're fighting against terrorism.

If that's really the case, then what the hell is going on right now in Louisiana?

I watched the videos on CNN today and kept reminding myself that athletes once played games in that big domed arena. Now thugs are shooting and babies are starving and George W. Bush is planning to get "up close and personal" from the level of a helicopter.

Come on, States...UNITE!

Or apathy and indifference will make terrorists of us all.

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