Friday, September 02, 2005

Get Katrina Straight

This disaster isn't a matter of race, or class, or age, or gender. This is a tragedy that knocked a hole in every person in the United States. Everyone.

Hurricane Katrina got everybody and we will all feel her effects this winter. Make no mistake about that.

George Bush and his band of fools thought that Osama Bin Laden was more of a threat than Mother Nature. Now they know that their own foolish assumption gave Katrina more power than Bin Laden will ever have.

And there is no one victim or survivor more important than anyone else. Every person in the Gulf States bleeds R-E-D. They're all human. There's nothing remarkable about them. Their situation is just sad.

We'll do better to band together. This is no time for divisions or hypocrisy.

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Pixie said...

Hallelujiah Sister Ruthie!